How Korea Eats Dogs

I do not want to shock you, but in Korea they really still eat dogs and I managed to get into one of these restaurants and try everything myself.
I went to Korea for examination and treatment, but I decided to make an interesting journey from a dull clinical examination and I succeeded. The full examination, thanks to the Severance clinic's first-class system, took me only 5 hours, instead of the usual month in Russia, so I spent most of the tour studying Korea.
And you know, this is really cool. I stopped uploading photos to my Instagram (nemihail), but now I use it exclusively for video stories that subscribers see right after I took them off, and after a day they disappear forever, a very interesting format, so if you want to travel with me then add, there is still a video from this restaurant. Well, if you are accustomed to the photo version, then you can quickly find everything on my Telegram channel (
The tradition of eating dogs gradually dies,Today, it is quite expensive and young people are not ready to overpay, so that visitors to such restaurants, with rare exceptions, are aged people and tourists who are interested in trying everything.
This is a fairly old and very famous restaurant in Seoul.
As in many traditional restaurants, they eat here sitting on the floor, on special pillows, and the floor heats up well.
They cut up ready-made dogs right in the common room in your presence.
The cost of a portion of 200 grams - 25 000 KRW (Korean won or $ 25)
The finished meat is steamed on a special burner with a small gas cylinder.
Panchkhan snacks are served at almost any national restaurant. The minimum composition panchkhan - kimchi (cabbage).
And radish.
The most delicious meat in a dog is on its ribs. The cut meat is placed on an onion pillow and partially covered with onions.
While the main course is heated by steaming, dog soup is served on the table. Frankly, like many Korean soups, it is very tasty, but somehow I didn’t have anything special to distinguish it from the dog.
To the soup must serve rice. Koreans use it as bread.
Meat is served with a special sauce in sesame oil.
The contents of this plate should be well mixed, roll in this sauce, dog meat and wrap it all in onions. That is how Koreans eat dog meat.
And even ordinary Koreans are very popular local vodka, it is not very strong and costs only $ 1. Almost always vodka is advertised by young Koreans.
And most importantly, the meat of the dog is very tasty, according to my taste, it resembles lamb meat, I would even say that it is softer and tastier than lamb meat and there is no obsessive, mutton smell. So if you have the opportunity, do not deny yourself the pleasure.
Would you eat a dog?
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