How to attract luck and money?

No one wants to live in poverty, but not every person becomes rich. But in fact, anyone can get as much money as they want. To do this, you will need to get luck and faith in success. And to make the process go faster, you can turn to various magical practices and rituals.

How to attract luck and money with magic?

To attract luck and money, you can resort to magic. Some people think that it will be necessary to perform complex rituals, but this is not so, since there are also simpler options. For example, you can read the plot for good luck and money. However, you first need to hide under the threshold 3 new shiny coins that must be minted in a non-leap year. After this, it is necessary to pronounce the following plot text:

Gold to gold, silver to silver,

money to money to this threshold in this house.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

There are conspiracies for business relationships. So that the negotiations were successful, you should, sitting down at the negotiating table, pull it towards yourself with your left hand and say these words to yourself:

All is mine, all is to me.

Also, this plot will help win the casino, so you need to take note of it and use it if possible.

To attract good luck and money, you can spend a special ritual. This will require the following attributes:

  • small plate;
  • 30 grams of salt;
  • 30 grams of sugar;
  • 30 grams of rice;
  • 1 pin.

After sunset, take a plate, pour salt in it, then sugar and rice on top of it. Open the pin and stick it in the corner into the contents of the plate. All this should stand for the night. In the morning, pin a pin to your clothes so that it is invisible to others.

If you do not want to get involved in magic, you can turn to life tips for gaining luck and money. This article will help you.

Talismans, bringing money and luck

You can get yourself a talisman of money and good luck. In this case, you need to pay attention to such a famous talisman, like a horseshoe. It should be hung above the entrance door with legs up. Moreover, it also serves as a protective amulet, so you can be calm: unpleasant people will not enter the house.

You should also buy a goldfish, and put it should be in the south-east. According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, it will attract wealth to the house.A similar action has a three-legged frog, which must also be placed in the southeastern part of the house.

The traditional symbol of good luck for the Japanese is the money cat. This is a figurine of an animal with a raised paw. It is believed that such a cat attracts to its owner people who will bring him money later. Also this figure is a defender from misfortunes.

As a talisman that attracts good luck and money, you can choose a carnelian stone. Since ancient times, this gem has helped people to gain not only money, but also happiness and health. Also for these purposes it is recommended to purchase green tourmaline. It will attract benefits to its owner, protecting it from stress and restoring vitality.

Prayer for luck and money

There are prayers for money and luck. It is advisable to pronounce them before the icons of those saints with whom you ask for help. However, this is not a prerequisite. It is also important to understand that prayer is not a conspiracy, so it’s not worth counting on the instant effect; some time should pass. But sometimes miracles happen, the main thing is to believe in them.

You can ask for success, money and good luck Nicholas. To do this, read the following daily prayer:

O all-holy Nicholas, it is most pleasing to the Lord,

warm our intercessor, and everywhere in the grief a speedy helper!

Help me a sinner and a bleak in this present life,

beg the Lord God to grant me the abandonment of all my sins,

I have sinned much from my youth, in all my life,

in deed, in word, in thought, and with all my senses;

and in the end of my soul with a curse,

implore the Lord God, all the creatures of the co-worker,

save me the air of hardship and eternal torment:

yes I always glorify the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,

and your gracious intercession, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen."

When money is needed urgently

When money is urgently needed, and there is no place to take it, then it is necessary to read the prayer-appeal to the goddess Fortune. The text is as follows:

Hear, Goddess, our call,

Let the sun shine on everyone!

treasure fabulous breakthrough

a golden rain will fall on us!

and those hearts that are in unison

with the whole universe in a rhythm fight

wealth and heights

and the Angels will touch the soul

that the gifts were prepared,

for all - untold riches,

everything is yours -

go - take it!

join the divine brotherhood!

Fortune! Revive consciousness!

to get manna from heaven!

bottom is equal to the top in the age of knowledge

for all miracles enough!

It is read for 15 minutes. During the reading, you need to focus on the words of the call, discarding extraneous deeds. This prayer is very strong, so you can expect a quick arrival of funds.

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