How to bake brisket in the oven

It is both easy and difficult to bake beef in the oven. It is difficult because the readiness of this dish has to wait extremely long - the brisket has a rather hard meat. And it is easy because the oven cooks it all the long hours. This food is very tasty and healthy.bake brisket in the ovenIn addition, the view of the dish is traditionally festive. How to bake beef correctly? Usually it was cooked in a Russian oven with vegetables and porridges, mushrooms and berries. And in the west, where there are also lovers of baking bacon in the oven, they soaked the meat in red wine marinades with a rich set of spices. From there recipes for cooking beef with fruit came to us.

How to bake brisket in the oven with pomegranate juice

What is required for this: 1.5 kg of beef brisket, a pair of leek stalks (or just green onion) and celery, a glass of broth and pomegranate juice, four cloves of garlic, bay leaf, salt, starch for sauce, Provencal herbs (dry mix), olive oil .

How do we do that

Rub the brisket with salt and spices, roll up into a thick roll and tie tightly with threads. Pour olive oil into a deep frying pan, heat it almost to smoke and quickly fry the roll on all sides to form a crust. Put in a baking dish. Celery, garlic and onion can be fried, but baked bacon in the oven will take a long time with these vegetables. They will have time to completely give their juice, aroma and taste, so you can not fry. Just overlap the roll with vegetables, add Lavrushka, herbs.bake beef in the ovenNow you need to heat the juice and broth hotter than the meat, pour into the mold, after which it is sealed and sealed with foil and a lid. The furnace should be already heated to 140-150 degrees. Bake the bacon in the oven for about three hours, finally, without the lid, adding either juice or broth (just hot!). Cut a small piece of the sample. If still not chewing, then the beef was not young. Everything is fixable. Put the roll in a cast-iron pan, pour hot broth and simmer another hour or two. Your mouth will melt. And from the remaining liquid you need to prepare the sauce. Strain and salt if necessary. Thicken starch. After cooking, allow to cool.After half an hour you can cut.

Stuffed bacon baked in the oven

What for thisrequired: a piece of young beef brisket 2.5 kg, five slices of hard white bread, four raw and four boiled eggs, 0.5 kg of ground beef, half a liter of milk, butter, five tablespoons of semolina, two onions, dill greens, nutmeg, grated fresh ginger, black pepper and paprika, seasoning ucho-suneli, bacon, salt.

How do we do thathow to bake beef

Rinse and dry the meat with a napkin, cut a wide pocket in it along the fibers along the entire length with a sharp knife. If a piece of good length, then roll it up and stitch it so that you get a pocket, as in the picture. Put in the fridge until the filling is prepared. Boil four eggs (seven minutes after boiling), cool in cold water. Fry the finely chopped onions in butter until browning, also cool. Soak white bread in milk. Ground beef mixed with pressed bread, semolina, toasted onion, grated nutmeg and ginger, fish-suneli, pepper, grated or finely chopped eggs, milk, salt, raw yolks. Squirrel whip with a pinch of salt, finely chop the dill. Mix it all with minced meat.Fill (not to failure!) Breast pocket with the mixture, sew up the hole. On a baking tray put with a stock wound foil, on it - meat. Sprinkle a piece of red pepper and other favorite spices. Finely chop the bacon or bacon or take ready-made plates and wrap the bacon. Now tightly wrap the foil in two layers. Heat the oven to one hundred and twenty degrees and bake the meat for at least seven hours. Cool to room temperature and place in the fridge for a day to acquire the shape and consistency. Remove the thread. Slice nicely. Now you can set the table!

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