How to be rude nice and right?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
September 8, 2014
How to be rude nice and right?

The art of beautifully rude is useful to almost every person, because in life there are often situations where it is simply impossible to respond to a hostile attitude of someone with kindness. In such cases, it is necessary to put the person in place, however, to descend to his level and just say everything that comes to mind, education does not allow everyone. In addition, if you know how beautiful it is to be rude, you can humiliate a person much better than ordinary offensive words.

How to be rude to friends

Of course, rudeness towards close people is mean, low and simply ugly. But at the same time there are situations when someone from friends or friends behaves, to put it mildly, inappropriately friendly relations. Such people, for example, can constantly prove their own advantage, exaggerate their virtues and overshadow yours, and also show envy and even meanness.

You should respond to such attacks from friends as calmly as possible and even with a smile.For example, you can say without much emotion: “I'm not going to scare you, I'm not a mirror!” Or “Definitely, your mind can overshadow the light of a floor lamp.” You can also calmly give out the following phrase for too self-confident statements of a friend or girlfriend: “I’d surely offended you, but I’m afraid that it’s better than my mother nature, I won’t succeed anyway."

If you are interested in how to be rude to friends, you need to know that the best weapon in this matter is a great sense of humor, and sometimes a good sarcasm. They will help you not only to humiliate a person, but also to stay on top and to earn the respect of others, if they are present during your conversation. An excellent option is a phrase that your victim will hardly expect: “You have one great trait: it divides your ass in half!”

How to learn to be rude to strangers

Often, strangers, for example, someone in public transport, a saleswoman in a store, some employee in an office, etc., also have to be put in place. For such situations, there are also many interesting expressions that will not only be remembered by your victim for long , but also, perhaps, discourage her desire to talk roughly with people in the future.

For example, a saleswoman at the checkout in a store that is rude to you will be “pleasantly” surprised if you answer her calmly: “Unfortunately, I am too busy to nurture your complexes” or “I understand that you are trying compensate for a lack of intelligence? ”

A stranger on the street who for some reason was rude to you, you can say with a smile: “I advise you to calm down and lie down ... preferably on rails!” Or “Sorry, millions of years of evolution have bypassed you.”

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