How to change the fuel filter?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
11 April 2013
How to change the fuel filter?

If you decide to save money and carry out minor repairs related to the fuel filter, the first thing you should know is its location. There is a filter between the fuel tank and the pump. Independent replacement of the fuel filter is possible with experience, and also depends on the brand of car, because for some models the fuel filter is behind complex systems, for this reason, it will be cheaper to entrust repairs to professionals. Popular manufacturers of fuel filters are: ACDelco, Fram and Motorcraft.

Necessary tools for changing the fuel filter

Let's start with the fact that you definitely need: a wrench and a socket wrench, pliers and a screwdriver. Depending on how the filter is installed, other tools can be useful on the fuel line - a ratchet and a socket wrench, or an open-ended wrench, if the filter is with a threaded connection, a lantern - if the filter is in a hard-to-reach place.You will also need special tools to remove the fuel filter, depending on the brand of car.

Preparation before replacing the fuel filter

How to change the fuel filter also depends on your competent approach to the replacement process itself.

  1. The first and most important thing is compliance with safety regulations, since the release of flammable gases and fuel residues involves working in a well-ventilated area or, even better, on the street, as well as immediate removal of fuel droplets with a rag.
  2. Wear safety glasses and special disposable nitrile gloves.
  3. Do not smoke and work near open fire. Just in case, prepare a fire extinguisher.
  4. Sometimes you may need a jack. In this case, put the car on the handbrake, under the wheels - supports, after lifting with a jack in order to avoid its sudden fall.

Dismantling the old fuel filter

  1. Understand where the fuel filter is located in your car, as it has two attachments and the filter can be installed both at the fuel tank and under the hood.
  2. Found, now relieve pressure.To do this, take out the fuse of the fuel pump and wait for the engine to stall.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  4. Before dismantling the fuel line, wrap the filter with a cloth.
  5. When disconnecting the fuel line, remove the filter from the bracket and remove it.

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