How to choose black coffee? Comparison of all famous brands of coffee. Ground coffee

Black coffee is a drink that gives a good mood, invigorates and energizes. It is tasty and fragrant, and no event can do without it: we met an old friend - “Let's go for a coffee”; the guests will be leaving the birthday party already - “No, no, they have not drunk coffee yet”; business meeting - "Come on, Tamara Sergeyevna, make us a cup of little black." And there are thousands of such examples. All this confirms that without such a liquid, human existence is not possible. Since the cheerfulness drink appeared on Earth, people cannot deny themselves the pleasure of eating more and coffee

History of

According to research scientists, black coffee appeared for the first time in the territory of modern Ethiopia. Once here the shepherd Kaldi herd his goats.And he noticed that the animals, in the daytime after eating plenty of fruits and leaves from the coffee tree, could not sleep at night and were incredibly excited. He spoke about his remarks to the abbot. He made a decision on himself to experience the power of wonderful berries. After that, the fame of them spread throughout Ethiopia.

In the future, grains are mentioned in Yemen. Here cooked a drink from the ripe flesh of coffee fruits. “Geshir” or “Yemeni white coffee” was squeezed out of them. The Islamic caliphate cheerfully accepted the novelty of Yemen and began to distribute it on the territory of its state and beyond. Muslims were the first to prefer to drink black coffee with milk and various spices.

Turkey has had an incredible impact on the promotion of the drink around the world. In 1475 the first specialized store opened in the Ottoman Caliphate. A little later, the chain of coffee houses became a symbol of Turkey. The first coffee house in Europe appeared in Venice in 1646. And already from this city the rest of Europe, and then the whole world, found out about the existence of such an amazing drink.

coffee black card Price

We buy only the best coffee

Many gourmets, in order to choose a good black coffee, are guided solely by its price: the more expensive the product, the better it is. But this truth does not always correspond to the truth.Product quality can also be determined by the packaging in which it is located, by its appearance and the smell of powder or grains. So, the aroma of high-quality drink will be strong and rich, you should not feel the smell of burning, rancidity or mildew.

When buying a product in grains, pay attention to the fact that they are solid, have an oily or dull shade. A black ground coffee must have a uniform appearance and do not contain any impurities. Pack such a product in a vacuum bag so that the briquette is obtained. Give preference to a dense briquette of small volume.

It is also better to purchase coffee beans if it is sold in a vacuum package with a one-way valve. He will not allow oxygen into the bag, but he will not release the evaporation of coffee oils from it.

Ground powder lovers should opt for a freshly ground product. By grinding emit ultrafine, thin, medium and coarse coffee. First, clarify for yourself exactly how you will prepare the drink, and then on the basis of this purchase products.

  • ultra fine ground coffee is best prepared in Turk;
  • fine grinding - great for steam drink and coffee makers with filters;
  • medium-ground coffee ideally cooked in any type of technique;
  • coarse powder can be cooked in a piston coffee maker, cezve or coffee pot.

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Soluble Miracle

Instant black coffee is not popular with all people. This is a drink, as they say, an amateur. But he still exists and has some of his secrets. It appeared at the beginning of the last century thanks to the American Satori Kato. And it was the Americans who spread the novelty around the world. When World War II was raging on the planet, United States troops used instant black coffee.

In order to create it, they use Robusta grain. To do this, they are fried, crushed, and then brewed in huge vats. Then the liquid is evaporated and a final product of various forms is obtained, which depends on the method of its evaporation. In the supermarkets of our country, three types of instant drinks are sold: sublimated, powdered and granulated. The first product is the most expensive.

 instant black coffee

Making coffee in the Turk

Invigorating drink, brewed in the Turk, is considered the best.Each coffee lover cooks it in his own way. Someone loves the usual classic drink, others prefer the glacier coffee, others go crazy over the coffee with spices. In short, how many people, so many recipes. You will learn how to make black coffee in a Turk with milk.

To make five cups of such a drink, you need to prepare finely ground coffee. Pour five tablespoons of powder in a Turk and pour 250 milliliters of water. Heat the liquid and add as much hot milk as water. As soon as the drink begins to boil, remove it from the heat and serve it to the table. In the coffee, you can optionally add sugar.

black ground coffee

Popularity and availability

Coffee "Black Card" ground, beans and instant is one of the best drinks in the domestic market. The product is incredibly popular among the population. And due to its availability, every family can afford it. This brand appeared not so long ago, but despite this, many coffee lovers have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of an invigorating drink.

The brand “Black Card” was conceived as a product, the main purpose of which is to color everyday dullness.Living from day to day a noisy and rich life, so I want to allocate at least a few minutes in order to be alone with their dreams and thoughts. And it was for this purpose that coffee was created under the romantic and mysterious name “Black Card”.

coffee black card ground

Brand advantages

The product under the aforementioned brand has been produced since the beginning of our century. And do not doubt that this brand offers only the highest quality products. Do not believe? Then ask the members of the National Federation of Coffee Farmers in Colombia itself. They will confirm this to you, and as proof will be shown the awarded Black Card coffee, the price of which in Russia does not exceed 200 rubles, a special sign of quality. This award demonstrates that the product meets all the most stringent criteria.

“Black Arabica Card” is a mix of elite Arabica varieties from the African and South American continents. Arabica, grown in these places, is known worldwide for its own exceptional flavoring characteristics. Due to the presence of caffeine, the Black Card is so popular with lovers of the morning invigorating and fragrant drink of energy and positive.

black coffee in turkish

Ground, soluble and grains

Coffee beans "Black Card" will appeal to those lovers of this refreshing drink, who are accustomed to brewing it exclusively from freshly ground granules. If you are a busy person and you are sorely lacking time to bother with a coffee grinder, then you have done a real miracle - ground coffee under the already well-known brand Black Card. It can be prepared both in the Turk, and in some types of coffee makers.

We can also offer something interesting to people who do not belong to the category of exquisite coffee-fans and most of all in the cheerfulness drink. This is instant coffee "Black Card" (the price of products listed above). This delicacy is filled with exquisite aroma and deep taste of unsurpassed Arabica.

Choose the best drink.

Today, the market offers just a huge assortment of coffee, which is produced by various brands. But how to choose the best product from the whole variety? This will help you a little review.

Jardin - coffee is represented by numerous varieties. They all differ in taste, strength and aroma.For the manufacture of the drink is used exclusively Arabica. Jardin will be the coffee that you can drink daily.

Lavazza is a legendary drink known for its delicate aroma and exquisite taste. This is the best coffee among all ground products.

Kimbo - coffee with high quality and impeccable taste. The classic flavor of the varieties that make up this brand has no extraneous notes.

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