How to connect a stabilizer?

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How to connect a stabilizer?

Large voltage surges are a fairly common problem in regions with a weak or old energy system. In addition, no one is immune from the error of electricians who may incorrectly repair the substation. Because of this, all the electronics in the house can burn out, wiring is damaged, or even start a fire. That is why it is very important to protect your home from power surges with a stabilizer.

Modern digital technology is very sensitive to any surges in the grid, computers, refrigerators and televisions can suddenly turn off with a sharp decrease or increase in current. Due to the fact that each house has a different amount of equipment installed, it is very important to choose the right stabilizer and connect it correctly.

How to connect a voltage regulator in a house or apartment?

The best option is to connect to the wire gap phase. It is best to install the stabilizer immediately after the electric meter, thanks to which all equipment connected directly or through sockets will be reliably protected from power surges.

Connection of voltage regulator with three contacts to 220V:

  1. Before starting the connection, de-energize the home power grid by disconnecting the circuit breakers near the meter;
  2. Find three contacts on the device: two are responsible for connecting the input and output phases, and one is used for the continuous connection of the neutral wire (they should be noted in the instructions);
  3. The zero wire must be connected first to the device, and then to the home network wire by twisting, soldering or clamping.
  4. Connect the phase lead to the input terminal of the device.
  5. Connect the second wire of the home power supply to the terminal, which is labeled “Output”.
  6. Turn on the circuit breakers on the meter and turn on the stabilizer.

The stabilizer with four contacts is connected to the 220V network in the same way, only in this case the neutral wire is broken and connected to the corresponding “Input” and “Output” terminals. Before you begin installing the stabilizer, be sure to read the instructions that come with it, as it may contain very important information on the features of its operation.

In addition, there are stabilizers equipped with a plug and a socket block. They are used to connect low-power devices, such as a computer or television.

Features of installation and use of the stabilizer

It is best to install the stabilizer in a separate niche or room so that it has free access. In addition, this device is quite heated during operation, it can not be covered and placed nearby with easily flammable objects.

Rules that should be followed when installing the stabilizer:

  • Do not mount the device in front of the meter, as this is prohibited by state authorities;
  • Install a circuit breaker in front of the stabilizer;
  • The cross-section of the wire used to connect the device must correspond to the total load.
  • The stabilizer capacity should be 20% -30% more than the total power of all consumers installed in the dwelling.

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