How to cut a watermelon so that it becomes a highlight on your table

Watermelon is a berry, in the pulp of which are such useful substances as glucose, sucrose and some fructose. Watermelon is grown in ninety-eight countries of the world. Usually it is eaten only fresh and in the hot season, as this berry quenches thirst well.

Watermelon serve

Many of us wondered how to cut a watermelon? We will try to briefly highlight the answer to this question in this article. There are many ways to feed and cut watermelon, it all depends on the event, which will use this berry.

How to cut a watermelon in different countries

cut watermelonHow to cut a watermelon? We learn how to do it in Moldova. Before using this berry, be sure to wash it. In the future, everything is simple: we cut the watermelon in half into two equal halves. Next, take one half of our berries and divide it into slices. Watermelon cut, and you can start the meal.And here comes the problem. The fact is that the slices are too big, and when biting, the whole face gets dirty with juice, which you have to wipe with napkins or just wash off with water.

How to cut a watermelon is well known in Ukraine. This method is even easier than the first. Cut off the round layers of watermelon, followed by cutting these circles into sectors. One circle is usually cut into four sectors. Each sector fits easily into the oral to cut a watermelon

How to cut a watermelon "in Caucasian"? It is divided into four quarters. We take every quarter of the watermelon separately. With a knife, separate the pulp from the crust and cut it into even slices right in the watermelon crust. This method of cutting is also convenient because if you take such a watermelon with you to nature, no additional dishes are needed for its decoration. The flesh will perfectly hold in its own skin.

How to file a watermelon? We will show one of the ways that bartenders use the leading restaurants in our country. This method is used at parties and wedding events. In this case, we need a very sharp knife. Cut off the tops of the watermelon - the so-called cover.Next, put the fruit vertically and clean it from the peel. Divide the peeled berry into two equal parts and cut each half into equivalent lobules.

Secret from the cookcut watermelon

Absolutely everyone would like to know how to cut a watermelon beautifully, not only in our country, but throughout the world. Many are able to do this with the help of a regular sharp knife. Cooks use the Carving master class (a set of knives for cutting out figures from vegetables and fruits). With this set you can do anything you want - from swans to castles. There are many ways to feed watermelon. Consider the most common.

How to cut watermelon beautifully? Photos and small descriptions of them will help you cope with this without difficulty.

The first method - "Basket"

For this option you will need a spoon for ice cream and a sharp knife. Cut the watermelon from the center into two equal halves. With the help of a spoon for ice cream, from the pulp of our berry we make beautiful even balls. You will need all the watermelon flesh. From the remaining peel we make something like a basket. After you and I cut a small basket out of the peel, you fill it with balls cut out earlier. Everything is easy and simple enough.In addition to the balls, these baskets can be filled with triangles or cubes of pulp - as you like.

You can also make a hedgehog from a watermelon, the technology is the same as that of a basket, only you turn the crust and cut the flesh into cubes. They need to pin on toothpicks or skewers, and in the end you get a prickly, but harmless hedgehog. Not only the watermelon’s flesh can be impaled on the spines, but also other berries and fruits.

how to file a watermelon

The second way - "Watermelon ice cream"

The recipe is very simple. Watermelon is cleared of dense green peel and cut into uniform triangles. Further, our slices are pierced with ice cream sticks and served, usually to children. Most often, the "watermelon ice cream" is poured on top with melted chocolate and sprinkled with nuts, then put in a freezer for fifteen to twenty minutes.

how to cut a watermelon beautiful photo

The third way - "Hot Red Guard"

The secret of the name lies not only in an interesting way of cooking, but also in the color of the berry itself. Watermelon has a green crust in combination with red flesh, which in its color is similar to the soldier's uniform. And preparing "hot red guard" as follows.The watermelon is cut into equal slices, preferably in a triangular shape, sprinkled with spices and coated with honey. Then the slices are fried on the grill for several minutes, after which the slices are removed from the heat and placed in the refrigerator until completely cooled.

Watermelon in the Carving master class technique

how to cut a beautiful watermelon

This method should be given special attention, as the carving of fruits and vegetables is an ancient tradition, but it came to us quite recently and took a fairly solid position. But in fact, those masterpieces that are obtained in the hands of the master deserve deep respect. Sculptures carved from watermelon and other fruits, you can decorate any celebration. They invariably attract the attention of people, and their silhouettes are held in memory for a long time, making the celebration truly unforgettable. Cut sculptures from watermelon can be infinite. His peel is easily cut, and the master without any extra effort can perform intricate patterns. The fruit combines colors such as red, white and green, which ultimately adds contrast to the sculpture. This activity will appeal not only to you, but also to your children, as it brings together and perfectly develops the imagination.

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