How to deal with the stubbornness of the child

How to deal with the stubbornness of the child

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Raising and full child care is a very difficult and responsible task. She lies on the shoulders of parents literally from the first day of life of the baby. The responsibility of education is to grow a harmonious personality adapted to the social environment and the cultural space in which the child grows. In addition to meeting the basic needs of the child for food, drink, clothing and warmth, the child needs to pass on the experience, knowledge and skills that are needed to ensure an independent life in the future without parents.

In fact, all that we teach our children involves the development of their autonomy.

Mom feeds the child from the spoon in order to teach him to eat on their own. Mom teaches the baby to brush their teeth and wash their hands in order to instill in him the rules of personal hygiene. Mom explains the rules of politeness to her child so that the child can easily integrate into society.

Autonomy arises from the moment the child is born. The baby was born - he is already a separate person.This individual in the period of infancy and childhood is entirely dependent on the mother. The probability of child survival generally depends on the adult. This is an axiom. An adult feeds, hugs, swaddles, sleeps, reads fairy tales. Providing these things is completely dependent on the parents, as the small person is not sufficiently developed to meet their needs on their own. However, the baby is autonomous personality. No matter how much he depends on adults, he grows and develops to become independent. Parents teach baby independence from the cradle.

An independent, autonomous person is one who has his own point of view and personal boundaries, knows how to defend them in an adequate situation, understands the difference between good and evil, understands his rights and obligations, loves himself and respects others.

As a child grows up, all these qualities develop and improve. And manifest a kid in his daily life. How can the baby defend their personal interests? For example, take away from the boy his toy on the playground, which he took without permission. How can a baby demonstrate its attitude to good and bad? For example, having heard a sad tale, where there is an evil hero, get upset or even cry fromwhat a good hero did badly.

Autonomy and the child’s desire for independence is impossible without upholding personal boundaries and their own interests. Any sane parent will rejoice in the fact that his child strives to be independent. Although faced with the true manifestations of this independence in relation to the parents themselves, they often resent and upset. Why? Because the child defends its interests in an accessible way at the moment of its development. What children's methods are known to us? Crying, shouting, stubbornness, unwillingness to obey, etc.

Boy Zhenya plays on the court. Long plays, mother calls home. We agreed in advance that we walk for 2 hours, then we go to have lunch. But Zhenya begins to cry and run away from her mother. Zhenya is brought home in hysterics. On the one hand, it is obvious the stubbornness of a child who decided not to obey his mother and continue the game. On the other hand, the obvious defense of their interests (continue to play) in a form accessible to the child is crying. Sure, being stubborn is very helpful. Thus, the child learns to make decisions and defend them.

But stubborn on every occasion is harmful, since it can lead to whims and permissiveness, indulgence in everything.A child who does not know refusal will grow into a person who subsequently will not be able to cope with the refusal and react to it correctly.

If your baby is naughty and stubborn, the following tips will help you understand the reasons and resolve the issue quickly and easily.

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