How to draw a bullfinch?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
January 30, 2013
How to draw a bullfinch?

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How to draw a bullfinch?

Learning to draw a bird is not so difficult. The main thing is to be patient and strictly follow the instructions. And so we will begin how to draw a bullfinch step by step.

To begin with we will prepare a sheet of paper, a simple pencil and an eraser. Learning to draw with a pencil is easier; if something goes wrong, you can erase it with a float. We also need a postcard with a picture of a bird and paint or colored pencils in order to decorate the drawing later.

Carefully look at the picture and imagine what our bullfinch will look like. Now we need to draw a schematic drawing.

  • In the center of the sheet draw a circle. In order to make the lines clearer, we direct it several times, along the same lines.
  • Now draw the line of the back. To do this, we divide our circle into two parts, diagonally, one less (upper), the second more (lower).
  • After that make out the head line. In the upper part of a larger share round the edge. Front draw beak. He is a short and wide bullfinch.
  • In order to draw a tail, it is necessary to extend the line dividing the circle into pieces a couple of centimeters below the circle. Then we draw diagonally (in the direction of the greater part) and lift to the tummy. We do not have a large rectangle. This will be the tail.
  • The next step is to draw the eye. Circle at the level of the beak. Then draw on the tummy paws. It will be two straight at a short distance from each other. On them we will draw claws.
  • It now remains to draw a wing. Visually divide the entire picture in half and draw a horizontal oval in the center. The edge that is closer to the back is sharper. Draw the upper line of the wing more straight, not rounded.

How to draw a bullfinch pencil? He is almost ready! Eraser erases the extra lines. Pencil need to clearly bring the contours of the bullfinch. Now you can start coloring. Eyes painted in black. The bird itself will be gray, the breast and tummy will be red. On the wing do not forget to draw a white strip. Paws and tail aiming black pencil. Of course you can paint and paints. this is your wish.

That's it, the bird is ready. Now you know how to draw a bullfinch and be able to teach your child.

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