How to draw Mai Little Pony?

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How to draw Mai Little Pony?

My little pony is a favorite cartoon for many children. Cute little ponies get into different stories, learn what real friendship is, learn to help others. Today we will learn how to draw my little pony. Draw a rainbow pony and Apple Jack pony. You can draw other ponies with the help of the article How to draw a pony.

Rainbow Pony


  • Pencil;
  • Paper;
  • Eraser.

Stages of drawing:

  1. First draw a circle - this is the head. And below we draw an oval - this is the body. Next, connect the body and head with two slightly curved lines - this is the neck.
  2. Now we draw an ear triangle on the head. Then two halfs - twoPonyeyes. One of them should be bigger, since one eye is closer to us. We draw straight lines above the ovals - these are eyelids and we draw eyelashes. Inside the eyes we draw pupils.
  3. Next, draw four columns - these are legs. One front leg should be slightly bent forward.
  4. On the circle-head draw a muzzle that goes beyond the circle.We draw a comma on it - it's a pony's nostril, and a slightly curved line is a mouth.
  5. Then we draw a small bang and a small mane down from the ear with small teeth.
  6. Next we draw a tail with teeth. It is slightly longer than the mane.
  7. It remains to draw the wings, they should not be too long. And on the hip of a pony - a cloud with a lightning.

Pony Rainbow is ready. You can color it if you want.

And now we will learn to draw Apple Jack.

Pony Apple Jack


  • Paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Eraser.

Stages of drawing:

  1. Draw a circle - head Apple Jack. Then from the left side of the circle from the very top to the bottom we select the pony's nose, it turns into a snout. On it we draw a comma - nostril, and a mouth - a curved line.
  2. Now we draw two small circles - eyes. We draw pupils in them, and from above we draw a straight line - these are eyelids. Add eyelashes to the side of each eyelid.
  3. Then on the right side of the circle draw an ear - a triangle. And over the earwavy bangs.
  4. Go to the body. We draw an oval below the head and connect it with the head using curved lines - this will be the neck.
  5. Draw legs - four columns.
  6. On the neck we draw a mane, it is collected below in a bun. Just draw the tail, it is also assembled at the bottom in a bun.
  7. Now on the hip of a pony draw three apples. And on the head we draw a cowboy hat.

So you learned how to draw May little pony in stages.

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