How to fly fishing

Technique when casting

Your catch depends on the correct casting and further control of the rod:

1) Capture.
In the beginning you need to take the rod correctly. One of the many grips is when you place your thumb over the rod and hold the handle over the others. If the weight of the rod allows, you can use a different grip, put your index finger on the surface of the rod, and hold the rest of it. The left hand while holding the cord.

2) Single casts.
They are necessary for learning casting techniques. We shake our rod back and forth, making circles above us with the help of a cord, without contact of the front sight with water. In the process of adjusting the cord length. The swing distance depends on the speed of the swing. The speed of the cord gives the method of tightening. Pulling up with your left hand during the swing by pulling the cord. As a result, the loop becomes narrow and the cast becomes twenty meters further. When the wind, then pulling is not required.How to catch fly fishing - Step 33) Shooting.
This is a method of cord extension during casting, by adding a part of the cord left at the beginning. It can be studied after mastering pulling up. When casting, you need to keep quiet and smoothly put the bait on the water, for its movement in the water element, you need to shorten the cord.

4) Cutting and catching.
For hooking, you need to slightly raise the rod, bite determined by a splash of fish or fading cord and its smooth departure to the side or depth. We immediately say that the casting distance makes it difficult to observe the bite and reduces the chance of a good hook-up. It is necessary to extort a fish only after its fatigue and weakening of resistance and when dragging hold the rod vertically.

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