How to get to Barcelona?

Vladimir Shust
Vladimir Shust
January 24, 2015
How to get to Barcelona?

Surely many of us dreamed of visiting Barcelona, ​​one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Nowadays, to fulfill this dream is quite simple, but one important question remains - how to get to Barcelona? Since this is a major port and tourist city, it can be reached in various ways.

What are some ways to get to Barcelona?

The easiest and fastest way is by plane. For example, you can take tickets for the plane Moscow - Barcelona. The ticket price starts from about 10 thousand rubles. It all depends on which airline you choose. Please note that a return ticket may be twice as expensive. A ticket from St. Petersburg to Barcelona will cost about the same. Choose a suitable ticket and airline, as well as convenient for departure airport, for example, on.

How to get from Barcelona airport to the city itself and vice versa can be found in the article Barcelona Airport: how to get there.

Another option is to travel by train.But It is worth noting that the fare will be much more expensive than airfare. There is no direct train from Moscow to Barcelona, ​​so you have to go with transfers. For example, first get to Warsaw or Prague, and only then from there go to Spain. You can see the train schedule as well as at.

You can get a car. The entire route is about three thousand kilometers. At the same time on the way to Spain you can visit several more countries and interesting cities. To travel by car you will need to issue a small list of documents:

  • Insurance for the car or as it is called - the Green Card;
  • Technical passport and driver's license of international standard;
  • Visa for the car.

A visa for a car is issued in the same way as a visa for a tourist. You can get a green card at any insurance company. The rights and registration certificate of international standard are issued in the traffic police, without passing additional examinations. Also, do not forget to take along a satellite GPS navigator with which it will be much easier to get directions. Also, the route can be pre-run using various. The most optimal route will run through Belarus, Poland, Germany and France. The journey from Moscow will start from the M1 highway.

Barcelona can also be reached by bus.For example, there is a bus that goes from Moscow to Berlin, where it will be necessary to make a transfer to Barcelona. Bus travel will be somewhat cheaper than traveling by train, but still more expensive than by plane. It is worth noting that the whole journey can take up to four days, which can be very tiring. Bus schedules can be clarified on the same.

As you can see, to get to Barcelona is not so difficult. The best, fastest and cheapest option is to travel by plane.

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