How to get to London, Greece or China without a visa

How, without applying for a visa, to glance at the British Museum, admire the mating games of butterflies in the Rhodos Valley of Petaloudes, see the Hainan golden statue of the goddess Guanyin, the largest in Asia, or arrange shopping in Singapore?
There are options!
The first mention of the type of visa can be found in the Bible. In the 1200s, residents of Veliky Novgorod already had “passing letters”. Later, the same papers were issued not only to those who left the principality, but also to foreigners entering it. However, until Perova World War II visa was only a formality. After it, the states began to use the visa regime as a measure to support security - restricting migration and controlling enemy agents.
Now each country has its own visa policy, taking into account the relationship within itself and with its neighbors.And you should be able to use this in order to see and learn the maximum with minimal expenses.

To see the main sights of London, you can do without the complicated procedure of obtaining a British visa. It's enough to buy a ticket with a change in this city. Moreover, transit passengers must depart from the British capital no later than midnight of the day following the day of arrival. And they have to follow the logical route for border guards: they are passing through London one way or another, that is, transit must be justified.
Day without a visa in London can spendonlypassengers who fly to Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand and have valid national visas.

Greek islands
As you know, our fellow citizens fly to Turkey to rest without a visa. But very close to the coast of Marmaris and Bodrum are the Greek islands of Rhodes, Samos, Chios, Lesbos, Kastelorizo ​​and Symi. To visit them, it is not necessary to have a valid Schengen visa. It is enough to take a ferry from Turkey and apply for a so-called “island” visa for a period of two weeks.You can get it at the port of arrival, providing a return ticket for the ferry, however, you will have to book in advance. If the trip lasts more than one day, then it will be required to confirm the reservation of the hotel on the island. Of course, this facilitated visa does not give the tourist the right to visit the mainland of Greece.

To visit Romania, which is part of the European Union, but not part of the Schengen zone, you need to get a Romanian visa. An exception is made for holders of a Schengen visa with two or more entries - you do not need to get a Romanian visa. The same rule applies to holders of multiple-entry visas in Bulgaria, Croatia or Cyprus.

Holders of a Schengen visa can also relax at the numerous Bulgarian resorts. Under the current multivisa, you can stay in the country for up to three months. Also, it is not necessary to obtain a Bulgarian visa for those who have visas of Romania and Cyprus.

Guam Island
The island of Guam has the status of unincorporated organized US territory. This means that it is not part of the states, but is their possession. In 1950, the US Congress passed the Organic Act of Guam.He granted the territory the right to local self-government and declared its inhabitants US citizens. Russians can visit this picturesque island in the Western Pacific without a US visa. True, the duration of the trip should not exceed 45 days. At the same time go from Guam to other parts of the United States without a visa is impossible.

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
The Northern Mariana Islands, together with the southern island of Guam, is an archipelago of the Mariana Islands. They have the same status of unincorporated organized territory and a similar self-government scheme. The Russians can rest here for 45 days without a visa. In this case, in one trip you can explore the 14 Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam itself. For travel between these possessions of the United States, a visa is not required.

Hainan Island
To get to China, Russians need a visa. There is, of course, an exception - with transit in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou there are 72 hours, with transit at other airports there are 24 hours that can be spent in the country without a visa.
The exception is the island of Hainan, which has recently become increasingly popular among beach lovers.There are nuances here. So, an individual traveler can not do without a visa to Hainan. But you can avoid bureaucratic delays, if you buy a ticket in a group of several people - even two are enough. To fly to Hainan, you need a direct direct flight. No visa in the province is allowed to stay no more than 14 days. Leaving the region is prohibited.

In Singapore, transit passengers are free to spend up to four days - a visa-free stay limit of 96 hours. The main thing is to carry a ticket to your destination country. Tickets for any other transport do not give the right to visa-free stay in Singapore. Just in case, you should stock up and print out the rules of transit in the country in English. There were cases when passengers were not allowed on the plane to Singapore due to the fact that they did not have a visa, although their stay in the country did not exceed four days and they traveled through this city in transit. It is worth adding that usually passengers of low-cost airlines faced with failures in boarding.

Phu Quoc
The Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc is not only the country's largest island and picturesque resort in the Gulf of Thailand, but also a special economic zone. The rules for entering it are also special.Foreigners who do not have a Vietnamese visa can rest on the island for up to 30 days. True, for this you need to fly to Phu Quoc by direct flight, bypassing the territory of Vietnam. For comparison, in other regions of the country it is allowed to stay without the cherished stamp for only 15 days, including the days of arrival and departure. To get from Fukuoka to the mainland, you need to get a national visa (you can do it right on the island).

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How to get to London, Greece or China without a visa 77

How to get to London, Greece or China without a visa 92

How to get to London, Greece or China without a visa 42

How to get to London, Greece or China without a visa 77

How to get to London, Greece or China without a visa 77