How to get to London?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
January 24, 2015
How to get to London?

London is the capital of the northern country of Great Britain. Probably everyone knows what is famous for London, fascinating all the tourists in the world, so let's consider how to get to London from Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Sometimes on flights Moscow-London there are flights with a transfer, which sometimes go a little cheaper than direct flights. For example, a direct flight Moscow - London will cost approximately 170 euros, and a connecting flight will cost 140-150 euros. Yes, the savings are not great, but if you fly together or together, you can save a lot, of course, if you are ready to spend about 4-9 hours on the flight, not 4 hours.

A train

Some tourists, traveling from Russia, believe that the safest transport is the train. The only disadvantage of such flights is that there are no direct flights to London from both Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is necessary to make a transplant in European cities, for example, in Riga.

By road

Despite the fact that the distance between London and Moscow or St. Petersburg is more than 2.5 thousand km, it can be overcome quickly and comfortably not only on scheduled flights, but also on your own car. Thanks to the ideal highways of Europe and the practically uniform visa zone, it is possible to overcome this distance in a couple of dozen hours.

Probably, only the most courageous decide to use personal transport, because sometimes you have to stand at customs of different countries for a long time. As well as at the slightest violations, the police inspectors will immediately issue you a simply huge penalty compared to Russia. It is also worth remembering that, in addition to the visa, you need to get insurance for motor vehicles.

If you make a transfer in Riga, the regular bus line Ecolines departs from London to the Soda bus station every Thursday and Saturday. The cost of tickets for such a flight is about 140-150 euros, and if you follow the carrier’s discounts, you can buy a ticket with a 20% discount.

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