How to learn to sing by yourself? How to learn to sing beautifully? Learn to sing from scratch

The human voice is a unique musical instrument, presented to us by nature itself. It has a lot of advantages in comparison with musical instruments created by human hands. Namely - he is always with us, at any time and in any place, he also has the ability, in addition to music, to reproduce words. Agree to listen to the song, as a rule, more interesting than just music. That is why there are so many people who for some reason do not know how to sing, but they really want to learn.

how to learn to sing by yourself

But how to learn to sing independently at home? As much as possible? Consider these questions.

Is everyone given to sing?

Many people are firmly convinced that they "came to the ear in his ear." In other words, they believe that they have no ear for music. Not really! Do not believe these statements! Absolutely everyone has hearing, it's just that in some people it is in its infancy, that is, it is not developed at all.

Understandably, if a child is born into a family of musicians and is surrounded by music every day, his musical ear will develop on its own. Another thing is, if from birth he does not hear music, no one sings to him, then his musical abilities will not develop.

how to learn to sing beautifully

The same goes for singing. If a child from childhood does not become interested in singing, doesn’t light up the desire to sing, then in adulthood he will not do this, of course. That is why the question arises whether one can learn to sing. Therefore, it can be said with confidence: everyone can sing, if you only want this very strongly.

What do we need for vocals?

Now that we have already decided whether it is possible to learn to sing, having the desire, we need to understand what components we need for this purpose.

So, first of all, you need an appropriate room with good acoustic data. The voice should not fly up or sound dull, as in a small confined space. Acoustics should be normal, without unnecessary overtones. Many teachers recommend singing in rooms where there are large windows that reflect the sound very well and are additional resonators.When you hear the clink of glasses, they are already vibrating!

You also need to have good health and not have any serious illnesses that could interfere with vocal lessons on how to learn to sing beautifully.

can you learn to sing

The last factor, but probably the most important one, is the belief in oneself, in one’s own capabilities, which are in fact endless. In other words, the development of musical and vocal technology is a matter of thoughtful work. Everything comes from the head, so the question of how to learn to sing beautifully, also from the field of psychology.

Nature's help

Nature has created all the conditions for man, that he not only sang, but also did it very beautifully. For this purpose, we were given the so-called resonators.

What is it? Resonators are such places in our body, when hit into which the sound amplifies many times, becomes more powerful, fuller and more voluminous. They will answer the question of how to learn to sing well. The vocal cords themselves are not capable of giving us such a strong sound. Knowing your resonators and owning them, you can understand how to learn to sing beautifully. And it will not be such a difficult task, it’s all just a matter of technique and desire!

We are looking for resonators

When you master the science of resonances, it will immediately become clear how to learn to sing from scratch. The word "resonance" translated from French means "echo". Resonanas is able to amplify the sound, like a microfone. It is he who is responsible for the ease of voice, its beauty and flight. If you just put pressure on the ligaments, nothing good will come of it except breaking them. Very many people who try themselves in vocal skills and do not know how to learn to sing on their own begin to do this, relying on the ligament apparatus. As a result, the larynx is clamped, in the area of ​​the ligaments an unpleasant feeling of clamping appears, which is very uncomfortable and threatens with hoarseness for the voice.

how to learn to sing independently at home

What to do? Search resonators! There are a lot of resonators on our body, especially on the head. For the most part, they are located in the hard bones of the skull, jaws, maxillary sinuses. Even teeth reverberate! Therefore, first you need to understand well where these resonators are located.

Do you need talent?

When you start thinking about how to learn to sing independently, a natural answer arises: you need talent. Yes, indeed, talent is a very useful thing that facilitates life in many things, however, as many famous people say, success most often depends mainly on diligence. And there is.The ability to sing beautifully, so as to win the hearts of people, comes gradually. Namely - a person must first develop a sense of beauty in himself.

how to learn to sing high

You need to hear in your head that voice you want to strive for. In order to hear it, you need to submit it. But for this you need to have a well-developed imagination. What to do if the imagination is not developed well enough? Everything is fixable! Imagination will succumb well to "dressage." Let's try?

  • Take a look at the clouds and try to see any image in them. At first, this will seem like a difficult task, but the whole secret is to see the first thing that catches your eye. No need to try to squeeze out of yourself, everything should be easy and easy.
  • Take 3 any words, preferably nouns, and try to come up with a coherent sentence with them. Let this proposal sound ridiculous, it does not matter, the main thing is that it came out.

Such simple tricks will help solve the problem of lack of imagination, since it is more contrived than the existing one. Every child has a well-developed imagination. The only trouble is that, growing up, we forget what it's like to be a child.

Search for a teacher

When people ask themselves how to learn to sing beautifully, many have the idea to turn to the help of professionals. This is very justified, because a talented teacher will help to avoid many mistakes that can be made while learning independently. In this case, you will have to relearn, and as you know, it is easier to re-learn.

learn to sing from scratch

However, it is not so easy to find a person who is both a good teacher and a good singer. Very often, the best singers cannot well and correctly explain to a student what to do and how to do the right sound, and vice versa. However, if such a desire arose - to find a teacher for yourself, you should not neglect them. He who seeks will always find, and that is a fact.

High notes

High notes are considered the edge of the range, and therefore singing them is especially difficult. And the person begins to think about how to learn to sing high.

Everything is very simple. Again we connect the imagination. We imagine that high notes are not so high at all, and that there are notes that are even higher. In that case, singing high won't seem so difficult.

We do not need to connect our natural resonators, they must all vibrate and respond.The sound should fill all our sinuses and pour not only from our mouth, but literally from the whole body.

Improving the technique of singing

In addition to the aforementioned resonators, a person who wants to master the vocal technique, still needs to properly perform performing breathing. It is not so simple as it may seem at first glance. We all breathe, and it gives us life. The vocalist's breathing, however, requires work and training.

how to learn to sing well

First of all, it is necessary that it be voluminous and that it is enough for long phrases and passages. It is also important that it was diaphragmatic, or, more simply, its support fell on the diaphragm.

All this is achieved by practice and attentive self-control. At first, of course, it is difficult to control so many things at the same time, namely: to monitor the correctness of your breathing, not to forget about the resonators, and also to follow the course of your singing. Everything comes with time and with practice. Gradually, you will notice how you are getting easier and easier. You will have to select a more complex repertoire or songs that will best suit you. The extreme notes of the range will no longer seem frightening and will be taken easily and naturally.

Believe in yourself and be patient, and you will not notice how quickly you learn to sing beautifully and you will no longer be wondering how to learn to sing by yourself.

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