How to make a t-shirt?

Tatyana Getmanets
Tatyana Getmanets
January 15, 2013
How to make a t-shirt?

What only in our time is not for sale in stores. Yes, everything your heart and soul want! Only here from such abundance, for example, clothes, I really want to choose something original and exclusive. Why choose when you can make a real masterpiece with your own hands. How to make a T-shirt so that it will be to your liking and keep the envious glances of girlfriends on you?

Production options for T-shirts on their own a lot. But I want her to appear in the wardrobe quickly, hassle-free and at no extra cost. Well, here is one way how to make a shirt with your own hands. Get acquainted.

There was a T-shirt - became a T-shirt

For this simple procedure you will need: sharp scissors and any kind of T-shirt you have ever seen. It will be great if this shirt is tight. So, safely take the scissors in hand and also desperately say goodbye to the sleeves on it. Only it should be done with a sight, that is, we cut off the sleeves, retreating 3 centimeters from the edge. That's so easily the range of summer clothes has increased! The wardrobe has become one thing more and now everyone understandshow to make a t-shirt from a t-shirt.

By the way, if the shirt is monophonic, then any pattern or embroidery can be made on it. This can be personally your drawing or image of your favorite characters from cartoons, TV series and even computer games. It is appropriate to place a cool inscription on a t-shirt or write the name of your pet in large letters.

T-shirt art

You can make an inscription on a t-shirt in a variety of ways. To do this, you need to get a stationery knife, masking tape, adhesive paper and cans of paint. Well, do not forget your flight of fancy!

First step

  • First step. We take sticky paper in our hands and depict everything we want on it - a snowman, a portrait of a mother and even Chinese characters.
  • Then we carefully cut out our creativity with a prepared knife and pretend where the drawing will be placed on the jersey.
  • Now a layer of scotch is attached to the sticker on top. Why is it needed? So that the whole picture is transferred to the T-shirt exactly, exactly and never came off.
  • But now is the time to transfer the finished stencil to the future stylish T-shirt - plop! Everything is difficult behind, and in front - carefully peel off the adhesive tape and vigorously smooth and glue the adhesive.

Second phase

  • We get a can of paint.
  • In order not to dirty the entire T-shirt, you need to isolate the main part of it with any soft paper or newspaper.
  • Generously pshikayem paint from a can and waits 10 minutes until everything dries.
  • Then another layer of paint, so to speak, for reliability and quality.
  • The last stage - we quietly tear off the stencil and begin to clean the excess paint from the shirt with a clerical knife.

When everything is completely dry, you can shake the jersey a little, raise your contented nose and proud chin and ... Go for a walk with the most fashionable jersey in the world!

Now you know how to make a shirt yourself and how to decorate it. Good luck!

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