How to make "healthy" water

Home cleansing

  • Let's start with the simplest method of water purification, like boiling.

This method is known to all from an early age. But after such a treatment, he kills all the beneficial trace elements and the water becomes as if dead. So, this option of water purification is more suitable for people who are in the field: at dachas, at a camp site, etc., where it is impossible to carry out a real water purification.



  • There is also a mechanical method of purifying water.

Basically, it involves the installation of a water purifier, which is sold in specialized stores. The filters installed in this device localize the bad smell of water and remove the various impurities that are in the water.

  • The method of settling water.

It is characterized by the fact that instead of the filter they use in this method gauze, folded in two, or filters made by hand from a sponge or cotton wool.

The process of water purification itself takes place in this way:

  1. Need bulk vessels (as an option 3-liter jar).
  2. A gauze folded in half, or, as previously indicated, cotton or sponge, is applied to it (on the neck).
  3. This filter is fixed with an elastic band, and water is poured into the jar from above with a slow stream.
  4. With this procedure, remove all heavy impurities in the water.
  5. After filtering the water, we remove it even for additional settling for 6 hours.
  6. After this time, clean water is poured into another jar.

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