How to properly meet the year of the Goat?

How to properly meet the year of the Goat?

Every day the magic and solemn mood of the New Year holidays is getting closer. As always at this time, everyone is covered with fun pre-holiday concerns. Storming the shops in search of gifts, searching for information on how to properly meet the new year 2015, the painful anticipation of something amazing and beautiful that is about to happen - all this is a holiday so beloved by Russians.

Traditionally, everyone wonders what year of the animal is 2015. And everyone is sure that having performed all holiday rituals correctly, one can expect that the coming year will be a year of joy and well-being. It is also worth reading an article on our website “How to decorate a house to the New Year? ”

So, what are the main trends and rules for meeting the coming year of the Goat (Sheep)?

How to properly meet the year of the Goat?

We are waiting for a meeting with the meek domestic sheep, which combines warmth and fluffiness with a peculiar disposition. She extremely loves creativity and wants people to indulge her weaknesses.The goat is awarded a colossal female energy, therefore, how to meet the year of the sheep, the fair sex should know well.

Sheep loves cleanliness and order in the house, comfort and heat of the home. She does not tolerate any strife, war and scandal. A good sheep will be happy to help those who are rich in good thoughts, drawn to creativity, beauty and aesthetics in all its forms. This year will obviously be a good one for all ministers of muses - artists, poets, singers, actors and many others.

How to properly meet the year of the Goat?

How to meet the year of the goat, and to spend it, quite real. Therefore, at home you should create a light, positive atmosphere and surround yourself with your loved ones and loved ones. All rooms for the arrival of a good sheep should be absolutely clean, and all households are friendly and cheerful.

How to properly decorate your apartment to please the future wayward mistress of the year?

We decorate together:

- the wooden energy of the coming year requires an abundance of decorative elements made of wood;
- Be sure to use shades of blue and green. It would be very appropriate to place them on the holiday tree, it itself embodies all the trends of the upcoming 2015;
- the entire decor is as discreet as possible, in compliance with all aesthetic canons;
- do not forget that the goat is a lover of fresh greenery. It would be great to leave her a bunch of dill or parsley as a gift under her tree;
- dishes or kitchen accessories made of wood will be very pleasing hostess 2015;
- various attributes in the form of woolen socks or ringing bells, openwork cute napkins will delight the blue-green sheep, from which it blows comfort and home warmth.

How to properly meet the year of the Goat?

Lovely ladies should pay special attention to their external dress. After all, the feminine goat, which delights all beautiful things, definitely needs to appreciate the New Year's image in all its glory:
- all shades of turquoise, pale-sea, light green, mint colors will be very useful. Gray and pastel colors can advantageously complement the image and please the sheep;
- New Year's image should be very neat;
- Let the sequins, rhinestones, shiny tinsel remain in the past;
- you need to pay special attention to things made of wool, cashmere or velvet;
- as for hair, cute lamb will appreciate the softness and naturalness, lush hairstyles, curled locks;
- owners of long hair can braid a classic or extraordinary braid and become the favorite of the hostess of 2015.

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