How to open a beer with a lighter: tips and tricks

No Bottle Opener - Situationunpleasant. Especially in an embarrassing position is the owner of the house, in which the party takes place. It's a shame when the question of what to rip off the caps in beer bottles is completely out of sight. But the situation is reparable, if you know how to open a beer with a cigarette lighter.

Bottle openers replacement

Plain plastic lighter in skilled handsis not the worst means for removing bottles, than the bottle opener itself. The lighter can be used as a lever. Exactly the same principle applies when using a bottle opener.

how to open a beer with a lighter

Usually, both hands are used: one keeps the container and the edge of the lighter under the removable lid, the second lid is torn from the neck.

What other methods exist?

In the absence of openers and lighters, the procedure for uncorking bottles can be performed using other, also very effective means:

  • Door lock. A lid is placed in it. The cleft is a small metal square that holds the doors in the closed position. When uncorking beer, force is applied from below.
  • Ring or seal.
  • Unnecessary CD-ROM.

how to open a bottle of beer with a lighter

How easy is it to open a beer?

The ignition with this purpose is more convenientTotal. The ring is not worn by everyone, and not always at hand can be an old and unnecessary disk. In such cases, a person asks a question: how to open a bottle of beer? The lighting can be done in two ways:

  • A lid with a neck can be ripped off.
  • Owning a certain technique, it can be skillfully poddet.

How to open a lighter with a cigarette lighter?

This procedure consists of several stages:

  • Take a bottle of beer in such a way that the hand wasis located closer to the neck. In this case, the index finger should cover almost the entire space around the lid. In order for the opening procedure to be completed more quickly, it is necessary to press the finger as tightly as possible to the lid, and push the lighter under its edge deeper.
  • The thumb in this case is a support,holding an improvised opener under a removable beer lid. The second hand presses on the lighter, which serves as a lever. Force action must be carried out until the cap does not fly off.

What should I consider when tearing off the lid?

  • Before opening the beer with a lighter, it is necessary to place it correctly with respect to the bottle. Ideal for this method is a perpendicular arrangement.
  • Pressing should be smooth at first. The force is applied at the end, when it is certain that the improvised opener will not slip. It is important to keep the metal part of the lighter tightly. With the help of a strong downward pressure, the lid is torn off.
  • In order for the lighter to go better under the edge of the lid, you need to push the finger under the edge of the neck with your finger.
  • It is not recommended to make this procedure a rounded corner lighters. It's better if it's a long plastic end.
  • In some cases, the cover may be at an angle. With parallel pressure on the bottle, the whole force focuses on the lighter.

The second way

It also uses the index finger,which performs the function of retaining the neck of the bottle. This technique of removing covers differs from the first in some nuances. Before you open a beer lighter for this technology, you need:

  • With a tight grasp take a bottle that shouldbe at some distance from a person. The hand with the cigarette lighter should be slightly bent so that it forms the letter "e". When the wrist is moved away from the bottle opener, the hand that holds it keeps a slight twisting motion, which is necessary to tear the lid off the neck.
  • The opener must be securely fixed in the fist. Most of it must be hidden in your hand. The uncorking occurs only at its edge.
  • The lighter is placed parallel to the thumb. They are located on opposite sides of the bottle.
  • The neck of the bottle should be between the thumb and the rest of the fingers.
  • When opening the movement, hands must betowards the bottle. One hand, located below, firmly holds the container, and clenched in the fist lighter its free end drops to the bottom of the bottle. Thus, the lighter is used as a small scrap, which has an emphasis in the area of ​​the thumb.

how to open a beer with a lighter

Some nuances

  • Before opening the beer with a lighter, you should wipe your hands and bottle dry. This will prevent slipping. Strongly clamped containers will not jump out of your hands.
  • There are often cases when the lid jumps off onlyhalf. This happens if the movement was not sharp enough at the end of the procedure. In this case, it must be torn from the other side. To do this, simply turn the beer bottle 180 degrees.
  • If the plastic base begins to slipfrom under the teeth of the lid, it means that the lighter did not go deep enough. Ideally, it is considered a process when, after opening, traces of the teeth of the lid remain on the plastic surface.
  • If a feeling of tension arises during tearing, this indicates that the thumb is used inefficiently as an abutment.
  • Do not strongly pressure the lighter. It is also undesirable to push it in the direction of the bottle.
  • It is possible that from the first time the lid will not fly off. To strengthen its interaction with the opener, the hand should be located closer to the neck.

how easy it is to open a beer with a lighter

Such opening techniques are applicable not only toplastic lighter. Any other object can be used for this purpose. The main thing is that it is not metal, as it can cause the formation of cracks in the neck and injury to the lips.

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