How to plant grapes?

Although grape is a heat-loving berry, but the extreme climate is not a hindrance for it. Most often, of course, it is planted in the south or in central Russia, but in the north it is possible to plant grapes in the country. However, before planting it is worth paying attention to two points: the grape variety and the landing site.

Grape varieties

If you plan to plant grapes in the fall in the south, choose any type of grape from those presented in stores. If you decide to do it in the north - choose varieties with frost resistance. Beginners should start with unpretentious and quite tasty varieties:

  • Agat Donskoy;
  • "Aleshenkin";
  • "Anniversary of Novgorod";
  • "Platovsky";
  • "Crystal";
  • "The beauty of Nikopol".

If there are children, they will like these sweet varieties:

  • "Liepaja amber";
  • "Early Tsiravsky";
  • "Beauty of the North", which is characterized by a high content of folic acid.

If you decide to grow grapes in the north, keep in mind that the berries are unlikely to grow as large as in the south. On the other hand, the cultivation of northern grapes has its advantages: in the north there are practically no diseases and pests of grapes.

Planting grapes

With the question of planting the grapes is quite simple, in contrast to the features of care. You will need:

  • Superphosphate;
  • Nitrogen fertilizers;
  • Potassium salt;
  • Peat;
  • Sand;
  • Potassium permanganate

Following these instructions, you can plant grapes yourself:

  1. If the soil in your area is poor, feed it with potassium salt several months before planting.
  2. Prepare the soil in advance. Depending on its type, mix peat, lime and manure in the right proportions and fertilize the soil with this mixture.
  3. A week before planting, saplings should begin to make in the yard so that they get used to the air - dry or wet, as well as to temperature conditions.
  4. Before planting, cut the seedlings - remove excess shoots, prune the roots of the bush.
  5. Dig a hole from the prepared soil, drain and drive a planting stake into the center.
  6. Place the seedling in the hole and tie it to the stake. This should be done so that the bush does not settle in the future, and its roots do not bend upwards.
  7. Thoroughly cover the pit with earth and compact it.
  8. Water the earth with a light pink solution.

This manual is also useful to you to properly plant wild grapes.

How to plant cuttings

Planted grapes better in late spring. In a few months, the cutting will take root, which will help it to transfer the winter much easier.

It is better to choose green cuttings for planting - they get along better. They should be cut a couple of weeks before flowering or at the very moment of flowering. Cuttings are planted in a glass or in a box and put in a warm and dark place until they grow up. After the cuttings grow, they are transplanted into the soil according to the instructions given above.

Grape care

Properly plant grapes is not difficult. In the matter of caring for him all the harder You need to know a few simple rules and features.

  • On sandy soils recommended to plant in trenches. If the soil is clay or in areas with close groundwater, the grapes are recommended to plant in the garden. The bed is a far-reaching elevation on the ground, and it is in these elevations that seedlings must be placed.
  • Prepare your seedling for cold weather when it comes to the north. Some people who plant grapes in the north do not plant it in the first year in the open ground, but are kept in buckets half buried in the ground. In the fall grapes are cleaned in the basement or in the barn,and planted in late spring. Usually such grapes bear fruit before.
  • Be sure to use drainage when landing.
  • Observe strict watering. Be sure to water only the young vines of the first two years and carry out a general watering for all grape varieties in the fall. 8 days before the proposed flowering, stop watering, otherwise it can cause shedding of flowers and delayed harvest.
  • To prevent the grapes from getting sick, avoid sprinkling. Arrange drainage pipes for irrigation 30 or 50 centimeters from the seedling. Grapes do not like wet leaves or soil around. If you have the opportunity, make a seedling visor.
  • Cut the grapes, otherwise it may affect the size of the berries, and the bush itself will overgrow. Keep in mind that completely cut the bush in any case can not, and you can not do it in the first year of planting. It is necessary to start pruning no earlier than leaf fall, the beginning of November (south) or September (north) will do. In the spring, this operation can not be performed, otherwise it can weaken the plant.
  • The first two or three years, all seedlings need to provide winter shelter. For example, you need to remove the shoots in the fall, cover them with a two-three-layer dry shelter, put boards on the ground. All this needs to be covered with a corrugated cardboard and a film placed on top of it, or old linoleum may also come up.The main thing - to leave a small gap for airing. In the spring, when you take shelter, do not take it far away. In case of sudden cold, it may be useful.

Make it a rule to record the characteristics of planting and its timing for each class separately. This will help you in the future to navigate in this matter.

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