How to call a dragon in minecraft?

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How to call a dragon in minecraft?

Minecraft has long been a legendary and cult game, opening for everyone who wants a huge fascinating world. Here you can always get vivid impressions of dizzying adventures, adventurous journeys and exciting battles.

One of the tempting opportunities that many gamers dream of getting is the dragon's summoning. What needs to be done to make this terrible fantastic creature an ally?

Battle with the Dragon Edge

The most difficult way is to fight the Dragon of the Edge. To get an ender dragon:

  1. We stock up on food, drink and weapons. Be sure to take with iron armor.
  2. Enchant the bow to infinity so that the stock of arrows does not run out at the most inopportune moment.
  3. Use the Eye of the Edge to search for the portal leading to End.
  4. Once in the end, we begin to shoot from the bow at the crystals on the tops of the pillars. The power of the Dragon is stored in these crystals.
  5. Only after all the crystals are destroyed, we enter into a fight with the Dragon.
  6. In combat, we use mostly onions. We begin to defend the sword only in case of emergency melee.
  7. We win the battle, get a dragon egg and return to the ordinary world.
  8. We find a place warmer and put an egg there.
  9. Install the Dragon Mount mod to tame the hatching whelp.

Creative mode

Travel to the Far World is a rather dangerous event. Not everyone can be exactly sure of his victory over the Dragon. However, the Dragon can be invoked without this battle - with the help of a creative mode. So, how to make an egg in Minecraft:

  1. Switch to the creative mode, we find among the opened elements a dragon egg.
  2. Pick up the egg in your inventory.
  3. We return the version of the gameplay that was installed before the opening of the creative mode.
  4. Install one of the mods to summon the dragon. Use Mo'Creatures, TooManyItems, Dragon Mounts or any similar mod.
  5. We prepare food for the future dragon. Perfect rotten flesh and golden apples.

Dragon Type

Thanks to the convenient fashion of Dragon Mounts, you can choose the type of future dragon:

  1. For the birth of a water dragon, we store an egg in liquid.
  2. To summon a fire dragon, place an egg in lava.
  3. For the ether dragon, we find a platform above the cloud level.
  4. And, finally, if you want to get a ghostly dragon, we go down into the ground and leave an egg there.

Only for admins

To get one or more dragon eggs without mods, enter the command / spawnmob enderdragon in the chat. Then we put a space and a number, which will mean the required number of eggs.

Now you know how to summon a dragon to Minecraft.

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