How to teach a child to roll over

Every day, the kid learns more and more skills.

About six months, parents think about how to teach a child to roll over.

Of course, very soon your crumb will become restless, and you will not have time to follow his movements. But while he still does not know how to even roll from the back to the tummy, not to mention running.

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To any innovation in his life, a karapuz must be ready. And therefore, wondering how to teach a child to roll over, pay attention to whether you are not in a hurry. See how the baby moves, if it tries. Maybe he is trying to roll over, but he fails or he does not want to move at all, because he is already quite comfortable?

As a rule, by the age of six months the children already know how to roll themselves, but it all depends on their physical fitness. Therefore, do babymassage, deal with itgymnasticsand gradually show wit to interest your little girl to lie on his side, and then - and on his tummy. For example, play a rattle or his favorite plush hare on the side of the child so that he has an incentive to be closer to the toy.

In 3-4 months, the baby can completely roll over on its side, in 4-5 months he can easily control his body and start rolling over. But this is only a relative frame, because all the kids are different. In addition, big kids cope with their bodies harder, so the maneuvers will not do with it later than thin.

On the mom under the nickname goranna shares her experience:All kids are individual! The eldest turned over at 3 months, the youngest at 4. She liked to just lie down and smile! Be sure to do gymnastics and exercises for coups with your baby ...

It's time to teach the child to roll over if he:

  • confidently holding his head on his back;
  • able to tighten the knees to the tummy;
  • may lie on the stomach, resting on the forearm.

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How to teach a child to roll over?

If the kid made it clear that he is ready for new skills, start training.

First do the exercise thatwill help him in the coup.Cross the handle of the baby on his chest, and then spread it apart. Such a motor stereotype will help him when flipping from the back to his stomach, and he will understand that one handle needs to be pressed to his chest, and the second - to help himself roll over.

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Then put it on your back on the bed, or better on a more rigid surface, so that it would be more comfortable to do “maneuvers”. Throw one leg after the other over the tummy, so that your knee touches the bed. In this position, he will not be able to lie for a long time, so that the baby will try to roll over. Do not help his back to the child felt himself,what muscles need to strainwhen turning. When he rolls over, leave him in that position for a while, and then help him pull out the handle. When you do this exercise several times, the kid will remember it, and then learn how to turn and rely on your hands.

Usually, after mastering the skill of a coup on the stomach in a couple of weeks, the child begins to master the turn on his back.

Remember that all exercises must be game character.The kid should not get tired, he should be fun and exciting.

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