How to teach a puppy to the toilet

Home conditions

Having brought home the pet, you need to immediately equip the place where he will defecate. For this purpose, use special trays, absorbent diapers or regular newspapers, which are immediately thrown away and replaced with new ones.

Try to offer him a cat tray with a grill, filled with pieces of paper. Breeders advise to buy a regular car mat, which will not allow the urine to spread, and it washes well, keeping the floors intact.

For puppies of large and medium breed, you can lay polyethylene or oilcloth in the corner of the room.

Have patience and get ready for the fact that quickly wean a dog to foul in the apartment is unlikely. In order to reduce the area of ​​pollution, isolate the space in which the puppy is located, and put the tray there.

"Promashki" will happen regularly until the age of six months, then - up to a year - their number will noticeably decrease.
You can fully relax only after the dog matures, so tune in to live some time without expensive carpets on the floor.

Do not change the location of the toilet, it is better to install it in the most convenient place for all residents. The dog becomes accustomed not so much to the object as to its location. Therefore, if the need to rearrange the tray nevertheless arose, carefully wash and disinfect the previous place, it is even better to put something there to make it difficult to access. But keep in mind that schooling will need to start from scratch.

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