How to tie a collar?

Collar is an integral part of the product,connected with your hands. It can be anything, from a simple neck, and ending with complex, turn-down double-breasted collars. Before you tie a collar for a blouse, you need to consider which yarn the model is associated with, for which cases other nuances are intended.

Collars crocheted

It is often enough for openwork light blouses,Collars do not match knitting needles, like the product itself, but a crochet that allows you to tie really airy, extraordinarily beautiful collars. And, it is not necessary that the collar connected with the crochet be difficult - it is enough to tie the edges of the shelf and neck with a small air pattern, and your knitted product will be transformed beyond recognition. As such, there are no general rules for knitting collars, but there are rules and technologies that must be followed to properly tie a collar with a certain kind of crochet, with a specific pattern.

Collar - scarf

Often the collar-scarf is called a product forchildren. But this is completely wrong, because with the right choice of yarn and neat execution, the collar scarf will become a stylish accessory in your wardrobe. Many women knit this collar to wear it with outer clothing, but it looks great with a strict dress, with trousers or a skirt in classic style. Fantasize, and you will connect not only a warm product that will protect you from the cold, but also a perfect addition to the daily routine.

If you want to learn how to tie a collar -scarf, take a yarn suitable tone and circular knitting needles. Type 212 loops, tie the first row with the facial smoothness, then continue to knit the fabric with an elastic band 2 face x 4 purl loops. As soon as the height of the canvas is 4 centimeters, remove one loop in each strip bound with back loops - as a result, you continue to knit with a pattern 2 face x 3 back loops. Spark 4 cm, again perform a similar reduction of loops to that made earlier - as a result, you will get an elastic band 2x2, which you will bind 4 cm. Continue to work only with facial loops, evenly reducing the loops. In total it is necessary to subtract 26 loops in the rows constituting the next 3 cm.

At a height of 15 cm from the beginning of the knitting, the decrease of the loopsIt is carried out only in every 6th row on both sides of the canvas. After you have tied 42 centimeters, you need to add 3 times 2 loops in each third row, and also go back to the pattern of the 2 × 2 elastic band. In this way, 6 cm and close all the loops. Now you know how to tie a collar with knitting needles - everything is quite simple and easy.

Collar - collar

Collar-yoke should be free to lie on the shoulders,therefore it is knitted in a circle, accordingly, it is necessary to take circular knitting needles or to type on the edge of the neck of the loop. It is recommended to knit this collar with a facial smooth surface, and it is free enough viscous. In each row add loops, because the collar in its unfolded form must have a trapezoidal shape. The mating should be continued until the width of the second edge is equal to the width of the shoulders. When closing loops, try to perform the work freely, otherwise, the edge will be pulled together. So you learned how to tie a collar-yoke, which will make the sweater more attractive and luxurious. Collar-yoke is suitable for both warm sweaters and thin, knitted tight or openwork viscous.

Collar - shirt front

Collar barnacle is removable, separatea product that is worn under the outer clothing. It perfectly suits both children and adults, because it allows you to close your neck from wind and cold. Before you tie the collar-shirt front, decide whether you'll put it on your head or button-button. The second option will be the most acceptable for the children's shirtkeeper. If the collar is worn over the head, then for knitting it is necessary to take circular knitting needles. For the second collar - ordinary knitting needles.

Type on normal spokes 96-100 loops (forchildren's shirt-front), tie the elastic band 1x1 as many centimeters as the height of the neck x2. Fold the fabric in half, horizontally, sew. At the edges of the sections, type the hinges for the slats. When knitting the bar on one side, make 2 loops, and on the second edge sew 2 buttons.

Collar - Schalke

Before you tie the collar of a shawl,It is necessary to sew the shoulder seams of the product. Now type the hinges of the throat, except for the middle hinge loops. From the edge loops it is necessary to tie the rapport in such a way that the first loop is fastened with one loop of the strip, from the second loop make two loops, from the third - three, and so on. Several rows are tied directly - their number depends not only on the size of the product, but also on the size of the collar. Next, you need to knit with shortened rows of collar expansion of the size that you need. Close the hinges. Do the above algorithm to knit the entire collar of the shawl. The collar is sewn to the middle of the cutout, while its edges should be overlapped.

Stand collar

The collar-stand is very simple. Before you tie the collar - the rack, you need to type in the circle of the neck of the product the necessary number of loops. As a rule, the pattern for such collars is an elastic band 1x1. The height of the collar-rack depends on your desire. It can be as high, which will be tucked, like a collar-yoke, and ordinary, reaching to the chin.

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