How to twist hair for ironing: the secrets of professionals

Eternal problem of curly girls - desirestraightened naughty strands, which are twisted from nature. In turn, the owners of straight locks dream that they will come down from their shoulders with a beautiful wave. In these two cases, the ideal assistant will be ironing, which, despite its name, is able not only to straighten hair, but also to curl them.

This device for hair is consideredmultifunctional. However, irons, as experts say, should not be abused. He is able to spoil ringlets with frequent and incorrect use. Learn about how to properly rotate the hair on the ironing and do no harm to them, will help the advice of professionals.

how to twist hair for ironing

What is ironing and how to choose it?

Device for straightening and waving hair -ironing - visually represents a ployka, which has many functions. The device in just a few minutes will make the hair more docile and well-groomed. To twist hair on ironing beautifully and qualitatively it is possible not only in interior, but also at home, knowing certain rules. Choose the device is necessary by the principle of the goal, that is, taking into account the fact for which it is needed specifically. If you only need to twist the tips, then you can buy any rectifier. To create beautiful elastic and curly ringlets you will need an iron with a rounded plate - otherwise the curls will not be very attractive. Choose not cheap ironing, it is desirable that it was an ion-ceramic or tourmaline coating.

What are ironing?

There are two types of ironing: professional and ordinary. The first are created specifically for hairdressers, as they have high efficiency and great capabilities. The latter are recommended for self-use and easy to use. Also there are special professional models, adapted for household use. Irons let out:

  • with metal plates - they are cheap and unsafe for the hair;
  • with ceramic spraying - the most popular model among women, which does not burn hair and does not overdry it;
  • tourmaline or ionic-ceramic - one of the best irons, which do not harm the hair, and also improve the condition of the curls.

how to spin strands on ironing

Tips for application professionals

Before turning the hair on the iron,it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the advice of specialists. They will prompt how to create natural and beautiful curls in a matter of minutes, which, moreover, will last a long time. First, you can not use the iron if the hair is wet or wet. This will spoil them, and will have to engage in a long restoration of the structure. It is not recommended to hold the device for a long time in the same place during a curl. In addition, hairdressers are not advised to use ironing every day, the best option is two times a week. Do not use the appliance "on dry", that is, without applying protective equipment. It is not necessary for him to take owners of spoiled previously or already burnt hair. To begin with, restore the curls: mow the visited ends, soak the strands with medicinal products, which include natural ingredients. Use special lotions for damaged and dry hair.

how to rotate hair properly

Hair preparation for perming

How correctly to twist hair with an iron? A photo of all the stages will help to sort this out. Before creating a hairdress with the help of the device you need to prepare well.

  • Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo.
  • Dry it.
  • Apply the entire length of the hair conditioner.
  • If possible, walk through a special thermo-protective balsam that will protect the curls from overheating.
  • If there is no professional remedy available, use a nutritious hair cream.
  • If the curls are unruly and do not succumb to the curling, apply foam or gel for styling.

Step-by-step preparation will help to protect hair fromthermal exposure. Even if the iron is as safe and expensive as possible, with regular use it is impossible to avoid negative influence. If you are curious to know how to twist hair for ironing the owners of hair of different lengths, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the methods of professionals.

short hair

How to wind hair on irons?

The easiest way how to twist the hair onironing, is performed immediately after the preparatory stages. For him, separate the strands on the head and fix them with invisible ones. Then, one by one, iron each lock with an iron, beginning with the occipital part. After all the strands have been smoothed, raise them at the roots and fix the result with varnish. If there is a desire to understand how to twist hair with iron, the photo will show this process step by step. For example, the hairstyle "beach curls" is performed as follows. Divide the hair into thin strands and fix them with elastic bands. Then twist each curl, making a tourniquet out of it. It must be grasped with iron, having done the same with the rest of the strands. First - the tourniquet, after - the thermal fixation. The tips can also be processed with the device or left as it is. At the end, shake your hair and walk on top of the varnish, but not much.

twist hair ironing photo

Using an iron on short hair

Many women are interested in how to twist the hairon irons if they are too short. Specialists unanimously declare that the device copes with any length of hair! To wind them, hold the lock at the roots with an iron and, twisting it, stretch it along the entire length of the curl. Such a scheme will allow to give short hair volume and splendor. In order for the curls to get freer, keep the iron at an angle of forty-five degrees to the head, scrolling it along with the lock. You can select the direction of movement of the device individually. Good looking such simple laying on healthy and shiny hair.

how to twist hair irons photo by steps

Hairstyles made with ironing

To create classic curls with the help ofironing, divide all the hair into strands of the width that is required in a particular case. Pinch a lock between the plates of the device, but not from the roots, retreat from the top about fifteen centimeters. Then wrap the strand around the ironing piece outward from the face and rotate it as if straightening the hair. Do the same with the other strands. Gently shake the resulting hair and fix it with a varnish.

A simple way to curl your hair ironing. Distribute the hair to several wide strands and make them pigtails. Clamp the ends with an elastic band. Walk on each pigtail iron slowly from top to bottom. You can do it several times. Then disperse the braids and shake. Cover your hair with varnish.

In order to make the locks near the endhair, collect them in a bundle and fasten it (first you need to treat them with special tools and comb), leaving a few locks on the back of the head. Clamp the strand between the plates of the device, turning it from the middle. The temperature should be three hundred and sixty degrees. Do the same with the rest of the curls, pulling them from the beam.

twist hair on ironing

Secrets of a regular wave of hair

Professionals share secrets with conventionalwomen, how to wind strands on the iron so that they look natural and stylish. Specialists will never use the device on wet hair due to the fact that when it comes into contact with water it burns them, making them lifeless and weak.

Remember that the size and volume of a curled hairdepend on the thickness of the hair and the temperature regime of ironing. If you want curls to be small, take thin strands, for large - broad. One hundred and eighty degrees will make the curls dense and elastic, the temperature below this mark will give the hair a waviness and softness. Do not hold the appliance for a very long time in one place - it can burn a strand.

If you need to make traditional ringlets, keepiron when scrolling in a horizontal position, to create spirals - in the vertical. For the formation of small curls, use foam or gel for styling.

In order to make a coquettish hairstyle,we twist short hair, pressing the iron very tightly, turning it out and inside with the strands. Try to grasp the curl as well as possible, keeping the device at an angle of ninety degrees.

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