How to use a VTB card?

To payroll, we were given VTB cards at work. Previously, I paid all utility bills through the cash desk of a bank in Moscow, now due to my workload there is absolutely no time to stand in line. Tell me, how else can I make payments?
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Answered on March 1 01:46
Go to the bank and find out whether they have the opportunity to make all payments via the Internet. I have a Sberbank card, all utility and other payments I spend using the Internet.
Answered on March 1 01:55
Now almost every bank provides programs with which you can make many payments at home without leaving your computer. This is very convenient, no need to spend time visiting the bank.
Answered on March 2 02:10
Yes, banks are trying to do everything possible to make it more convenient for clients to conduct all operations. Now all payments can be made not only from a computer, but also from a phone.You can read how to connect a VTB mobile bank here. I find it very convenient when you can monitor the status of your accounts and conduct transactions with them at any time.

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