How to warm the concrete?

When construction takes place, special attention is paid to the longevity and strength of the material. But for this it is necessary to adhere to certain rules in the manufacture. Since there is water in the composition of this solution, when the temperature drops, everything freezes. As you can see, in the cold season it is very problematic to lead the construction process, and in order not to wait until spring, humanity has found a way with which to build in the winter. It is called warming up. How to warm concrete in winter? There are several methods of warming up.

Thermos method

It is based on massiveness. This is when the surface and volume of the object are correlated. If the parameters are small, then the massiveness is large. For example, in figures, 8-10, this means that the method is justified, and if 10-20, then it is necessary to apply special concrete (M 500, etc.). For this reason, this method is not used as often as others. In addition, the materials are not cheap. An important aspect in the thermos method is that everything is covered with insulation, thus maintaining the temperature.

Electrode method

It is proved that concrete reaches its maximum strength in twenty eight days. Provided that the temperature will not be below zero.To do this, create positive conditions. And plus temperature to ensure high quality material. The most economical and effective method of concrete is considered to be heated with electrodes. Using this method, you need to be extremely careful. The principle of this method is that an electric current is injected into the solution using electrodes. Thus, the solution warms up. But note that you can not use too high temperatures. Concrete may overheat. This heating works by converting electronic energy into heat.

Do not forget about safety. Do not use a voltage greater than 128 V. By the way, in other countries they prefer other methods of heating.

Infrared heating

In this section, we will look at how to warm up concrete using infrared rays. It is necessary to install special equipment, and heat from the rays will be transferred to the solution. Thus, heating the surface of the concrete. This method is good because its implementation requires an ordinary current network and there is no need for various equipment. Keep in mind that you can use this method on different layers of concrete.

Induction heating

This method is used to heat concrete columns, beams, beams, runs in the winter. The induction method is produced by the energy of the magnetic field. It goes into heat, and is transferred to the concrete structure. Before heating the concrete, an inductor is laid on the surface of the column. First you need to heat the joint or frame, and then compact the concrete mix. Heating stops when the concrete has reached the desired temperature. But note that it is imperative to follow the process of cooling the concrete mix. It should not cool too quickly. Be sure to follow all the previously mentioned rules.

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