How to weave African braids?

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How to weave African braids?

Having begun to actively develop in the 70s, the fashion for African braids has finally become firmly established in the modern world of fashion and show business. Very comfortable to wear, African braids are very popular among democratically-minded young people, cosmopolitans. And you can wear braids to everyone, but how to weave African braids, while very few people know.

Fiber for African braids

Weaving of African braids is possible on the hair of any length, not less than 3 - 4 cm. This is due to the fact that in any case the braid will be weaved out of artificial fiber. Even if their own hair is long, they will also be woven into the braid along with an artificial strand. This is due to the fact that specific synthetics makes it possible to give the hair the desired density and volume, since the hair of European women is very different from the properties of the inhabitants of the African continent.

Modern synthetic fibers used for weaving African braids are completely safe and harmless to the natural beauty of natural hair.As a rule, the fibers are attached to the hair through a special knot, and then the weaving of the pigtail itself begins.

Synthetic fiber weave

This stage is one of the important actions of the whole process of weaving an African pigtail. After the fiber is prepared for work (divided by twisting movements), you should proceed to the division of natural hair on the head into strands. Moreover, this should be done according to the principle of laying bricks, when a pigtail from the top row lies between two second row pigtails, and the shape of the strand on the head is similar to a rhombus or a triangle. It is also important to remember that in the parietal part, the strands are made smaller, to give volume to the hairstyle. And in the back of the head, the pigtails are made larger because this area is covered with pigtails of the upper rows. In order to take even small hairs into the locks (which will give a neat look to the hairstyle), it is necessary to slightly wet the natural hair.

It is necessary to moisten synthetic fiber before weaving. After all of the above is done, a loop of artificial material should be placed on top of a strand of natural hair and begin to weave an ordinary pigtail in such a way that you have two synthetic strands and one natural.

Tip: try to keep the artificial strand in the immediate vicinity of the root of natural hair. This trick allows you to reduce unnecessary movement of the process of tightening the place of interweaving of two types of hair, and eliminate the risk that you pull the client's hair.

When 2 - 3 weaves are made, it will be possible to shift the artificial strand to natural hair, and then do the same with the natural hair strand. The same must be done with the second interlaced strand.

When the pigtail is woven, the tips are processed by the client. They can be set on fire, duck off with a rubber band, tie into a knot or moisten with hot water, leave as a “natural tip effect”.

Duration of wearing African braids

African braids are worn on average for about a month. The actual wearing period depends on the growth rate of the hair of the person to whom braids were woven. On average, the hair is added to a length of 1 cm, which is why after 3 to 6 months the hairstyle done will not look neat. New African braids as weave and unravel should be carefully and carefully.

Term socks more from those African braids, which have thinner strand.The more African braids are woven, the thinner they are, the longer the hairstyle will look neat, stylish and attractive.

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