I read a book about Soviet cars on the wood.

I read a book about Soviet cars on the wood. chocks, gas generator, book, work, wood, subscribe, bunker, cars, through, every, hardwood, stall, level, rocks, firewood, more, torch, applying, igniting, shuruya

I found in my library an interesting book - "A Handbook for the Third Class Chauffeur", printed inthe USSRpublishing house "Selkhozgiz" in 1956. I bought the book a long time ago, I don’t remember where and when, I put it on the far shelf of the racks, and only now, as they say, they reached her hands.
There is also a curious section in the book about the so-called "cars with gas generator installation of engine power". Who does not know - such a beautiful name cars are calledon the wood. Yes, in that very "great and mighty USSR" there were a lot of wood trucks - the book mentions, in particular, the "Ural ZIS-352", which began to be produced in 1952. Here is what is told in the book about the wood-burning Soviet "Ural":
Fuel for gas-generating domestic cars are mainly wood stumps, preferably solid hardwood (oak, beech, birch); pine chocks or even their soft hardwoods (linden, aspen,alder) Regardless of the breed, chocks should have a moisture content of no more than 20–40% (depending on the type of gas generator unit) and the side (cross section) of a certain size (40–60 mm). Humidity is determined by the formula:
raw wood weight minus dry wood weight
_____________________________________________ X 100
dry wood weight
After repair or cleaning of the gas generator, it is necessary to fill the firebox with charcoal, and the bunker with chocks up to half of its height (additional refueling is performed after ignition of the fuel). If fuel from previous work remained in the gas generator, then before refueling, as well as with additional refueling, it is necessary to propell the fuel in order to precipitate it and eliminate the formation of a roof (“hovering chocks”).
Gas generator service on the way.
Every 1-1.5 hours of operation of the gas generator - check the filling level of the bunker with chocks. Add chocks when their level drops to one third of the height of the bunker.
Every 3-4 hours of operation of the gas generator - to drain the water that has accumulated in the cleaner fine, while reducing the speed of the crankshaft to the minimum. When parking more than 10 minutes - open the boot lid and check valve to maintain gas intake.Before the next start of the engine, carefully shuruya, upset the chocks and produce a two-three-minute ignition fan, without using a torch.
In general, you drove for an hour - and be merciful out of the car and, carefully shuruya, besieged chocks and ignite without using a torch. At the same time, you can buy the most delicious ice cream in the world in a nearby kiosk and go further towards Communism)
What do you think about such things? And what are you reading now?
Write in the comments, interesting.

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