Icebreaker "Lenin" - the first in the world nuclear ship

When in 1959 in the USSR was completedthe construction of the first nuclear icebreaker in the whole world, the entire foreign press began to write about this great scientific and technical achievement of Soviet scientists. This vessel was named after the first Soviet leader of the revolution. The icebreaker "Lenin" was the beginning of a new era of using the energy of atoms for peaceful purposes.Icebreaker "Lenin"

The history of the construction of the first nuclear-powered ship

In 1953 at the Congress of the CPSU in Moscow it was decided to proceed with the construction of an ice breaker of a new class that would have an atomic power plant. Scientists from the Central Design Bureau-15 (now called the Iceberg Central Design Bureau) were assigned to design the nuclear-powered vessel. For two years, from 1953 to 1955, draft number 92 (code name for the nuclear-powered vessel) was being developed. At the same time, in the autumn of 1953 the USSR Council of Ministers decided to name the new vessel. Icebreaker "Lenin" - that's how the first nuclear-powered ship on the whole planet should have been called. The post of the chief designer entrusted Vasily Ivanovich Neganov. In the Central Research Institute of CM "Prometey" for the icebreaker began to develop a special body steel. When, by the end of 1955, the design was completed, the ship's construction was decided to be laid at the famous Leningrad shipyard named after. A. Marty, and the chief builder was appointed V. Chernyakova. However, many details of the icebreaker were prepared in various factories of the country. So, for example, ship turbines produced at one of the factories in the city of Kirov, power generators in Ukraine, at the Kharkov Electromechanical Plant, and comb-type electric motors at the Elektrosila plant (Leningrad), etc. In a word, they built it all over the country. In December 1957 the first nuclear icebreaker "Lenin" was launched on the waters of the Neva. It was a smooth-decked vessel with two masts and a landing aft at the stern. It had the following parameters: width (maximum) - 27.6 m, side height - 16.1 m, length (maximum) - 134 m, displacement of the ship - 17810 tons, power of the main installation - 44000 horsepower, maximum speed per hour. - 19.6 knots.the first nuclear icebreaker "Lenin"

First tests

Another 22 months passed. In September 1959, the icebreaker "Lenin" sailed from the shipyard of A. Marti's plant. The captain of the vessel was appointed PA. Ponomarev. From the press of those years it became known that there were many delegations from various countries on board the ship. The most famous guests were the future President of the United States R. Nixon and the British Prime Minister G. Macmillan. Newspapers and magazines from all over the world placed publications under the heading "Lenin's Icebreaker", a photo of the famous nuclear-powered vessel and famous guests on board. After the trial period was over, the ship was handed over to the USSR MMF. In 1960, it was already in Murmansk, from where it was to go to the North Pole."Icebreaker" Lenin ", photo

Arctic Development Day

Icebreaker "Lenin" - the world's first nuclear powered ship, has becomesymbol of the development of the Arctic. In August 1960, he launched his first Arctic navigation. It lasted exactly 100 days, and ahead of the ship waited for many important tasks, which it performed as a real giant rescuer, freeing the way stuck in the thickness of ice to many ships. It was said about him that it leads the caravans of the courts, as the leader. This hardy and very powerful ship was and always will remain the pride of the Russian fleet.

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Icebreaker Lenin - the first in the world nuclear ship Icebreaker Lenin - the first in the world nuclear ship Icebreaker Lenin - the first in the world nuclear ship Icebreaker Lenin - the first in the world nuclear ship Icebreaker Lenin - the first in the world nuclear ship