ID number: how can a teenager get it

After reaching the age of sixteenMany people remember that it is possible (and necessary!) to get a passport. Also, we should not forget about the second important document for a citizen of Ukraine - the Taxpayer Card (better known as "INN" or "identification code").

What is an identification code and why is it needed?

According to the norms of the Tax Code and the Order of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties "On Approval of the Regulations on the Registration of Natural Persons in the State Register of Individuals - Tax Paysers"this document is a confirmation of the registration of each individual - the payer of taxes in a special State register.

The issued card contains a unique number, which, in fact, is called an identification code. For this number, roughly speaking, the relevant state. bodies "traced" the tax history of the person, in the future - the employer provides information on the receipt of income by the person, used by banks to open accounts, etc.

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Where and how to get an identification code in Ukraine?

To get an identification number, the child must apply to the "tax" (previously the Ministry of Revenue and Fees, now the State Fiscal Service. Maybe at the time of publication of this article, our main tax authority will have renamed again ... :)):

  • at the place of registration ("registration") or
  • at the place of receipt of income or
  • at the location of another object of taxation.

Most often, for obtaining an identification number for a child, they apply to their district tax office at the place of residence. Documents are submitted personally by the recipient of the tax number or through a representative (before the child receives the passport (this is 1 month from the date of his 16th birthday) - this could be one of the parents, without a power of attorney). In order not to collide with all the "delights" of the bureaucracy, we advise all the samesubmit documents in person.

Identification number how to get in Ukraine

To obtain an identification code in Ukraine, the so-called. The registration card (it is also a statement requesting registration in the State Registry of tax payers). The form can be downloaded from the Internet (Appendix 3 to the above-mentioned Order of the Ministry of Revenues and Fees) or received and filled in on the spot, directly to the tax office.It is necessary to fill in block letters, legibly and without corrections. You will also need the original passport. We advise you to have a copy with you (all pages that have any notes or notes).

It is interesting that a card with an individual number can be obtained, if necessary, before obtaining a passport. For a minor (up to 16 years of age) a child is served and received by one of the parents. To do this, you will need his passport and the original of the child's birth certificate. Again, it is strongly recommended that you have copies of the original tax documents provided.

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How long to wait and how to get a Taxpayer's Card (identification code)?

Consideration of documents takes place duringfive working days.They take the card in the same place where they applied.

Those who do not have a permanent place of residence in Ukraine or are temporarily outside the settlement of residence, income, location of another object of taxation, may apply for a tax payer cardto any regulatory body. In this case, the period of issuance of the document may be extended.up to ten working days.

In order to receive the Card, its owner must present his passport (i.e. the receipt of the document also occurspersonally).

Exception or how NOT to get INN

According to the current legislation, it is possible to refuse to receive an individual tax number (according to the Order of the Ministry of Incomes “if the assignment of such is contrary to religious beliefs”, but there is no need to prove such a “contradiction” by the state body in the legislation). At the same time, the registration of the tax payer still happens, just in another, separate Registry. To do this, the appropriate Notice is submitted to the tax and the original of the passport is presented (if necessary, you may also need a birth certificate). Within five working days, a special mark is put in the passport - it indicates that a person can carry out all actions for which an INN is required according to the series and number of his passport.

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