In the kindergarten "The corner of solitude" in the group

According to the existing requirements for the organization of the developing environment in educational institutions, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions in the DOW not only for the active activities of pupils, joint games, classes under the guidance of the teacher, but also for psychological unloading and recreation of children. When you stay all day in a noisy team, your child may need a personal space. For this purpose place in the kindergarten "Corner of solitude". What this area is like how to make it with your own hands and what objects to fill, we will tell in this article.

in the kindergarten nook of seclusion

Appointment "A corner of solitude" in kindergarten

Children of preschool age often change their mood due to the lack of formation of the emotional-volitional sphere. Kids do not know how to control their feelings. Therefore, often there is a demonstration of such emotional manifestations as anger, anger, sadness. For a child, changing the situation, staying all day in a noisy circle of people in the absence of a mother, as well as fulfilling the requirements of teachers and the perception of a large volume of new information is a serious stress. Therefore, to preserve the psychological comfort of the preschooler in groups, special zones are created where the baby can stay alone. In this corner, the crumb can "hide" from others, express their accumulated negative emotions, distract from the hustle and bustle with interesting quiet games and just relax in silence.

Thus, the "Corner of Solitude" in the kindergarten helps to solve the following psychological and pedagogical tasks:

  • form the conditions for the development of the emotional sphere of the preschooler;
  • help kids adapt to new conditions, peers, teachers;
  • create a positive microclimate in the children's team;
  • prevent the nervous overload of pupils, reduce the likelihood of conflict situations.

Recommendations for registration

In the kindergarten "The corner of solitude" should be a closed comfortable space. The child should feel safe, be sure that nobody will disturb him in this zone. Therefore, most often such a corner is made in the form of a hut, tent, house.

It is important to create an atmosphere of home comfort, tranquility. Therefore, it is recommended that inside the space there is a muffled light, many pillows, a soft comfortable sofa, pictures and other small things that will help realize the idea.

Of course, it is necessary to take care of the safety of children. So, in no case should be placed in a corner of small, sharp and beating objects, paints and other chemicals. It is necessary to provide in advance a "window" - in order that in some cases the teacher, without disturbing the baby and not violating his personal space, is convinced of his safety and well-being.

How to make a "privacy corner" in kindergarten? Registration depends on the interior of the group, as well as the preferences of the children themselves. Pupils can take a direct part in the manufacture and decoration of such a zone.

a corner of solitude in the kindergarten with their own hands

Design Ideas

"The corner of solitude" in the kindergarten with their own hands can be done, for example, in the form of a "fairy tent", "gnome house", "magic cave", "solar room".

We offer simple and affordable ways of manufacturing such a game zone:

  1. Fence one corner of the group room with a curtain, attached to the cornice. If desired, you can decorate the fabric, for example, with stars, flowers, emoticons.
  2. You can make a corner from a factory children's tent. On the floor should be put a mattress of the appropriate size, many decorative pillows.
  3. You can build a full-fledged design. So, the frame is made of plastic pipes. Then it is lined with fabric, decorated with trimmings.

Depending on the preferences of the kids of the group, you can make a comfortable thematic "Privacy corner" in the kindergarten. The photo below shows a zone of personal space in the form of a "tent of the princess".

a corner of solitude in kindergarten: photo

Filling the corner

An important component of such a recreation area is its filling. So, "Corner of solitude" in kindergarten should contain games aimed at relieving psychological stress, didactic material, massagers. More details will be considered below.

Games for psychological relaxation

So, in the kindergarten "Corner of solitude" should contain various materials aimed at discharging the accumulated negative energy from the baby. For example, it can be a soft child's boxing pear, a special pillow with a sad smiley face, a box in which you can tear paper, a drum, toy loudspeakers. The filling is chosen depending on the capabilities of the DOU and the specific goals set.

Games to improve your mood

"After releasing steam," the baby needs to calm down, recharge with positive energy. Therefore, the central place in this zone is a comfortable sofa with cushions. Nearby you can put a small table for table games. In addition, in the kindergarten "Corner of Solitude" may contain the following items:

It is recommended that soothing music (sounds of nature) sound in such zone.

a corner of solitude in kindergarten: decoration

Didactic games

General developing materials are aimed at distraction of the child from negative thoughts. You can suggest to place in the rest zone the following didactic games:

  • "Who has any mood?"
  • "Doris smile".
  • "Gather the puzzle".
  • "Our emotions" and others.

Favorite books also help the child cope with a bad mood.

Materials in the recreation area should be regularly updated. But the main elements are recommended to remain unchanged - for the baby to feel comfortable in a familiar environment.

a corner of solitude in kindergarten

We shared ideas on how to make a "Corner of Solitude" in a kindergarten. But we note that there are no strict recommendations - the teacher needs to listen to his pupils, their wishes, preferences and create a completely unique zone of comfort, psychological security and good mood.

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