Inflatable boat "Admiral" (responses)

Company for the production of inflatable boats made of PVC"Admiral Boat", founded in 2009 in St. Petersburg, is famous for its products. Boat "Admiral" is produced in several modifications (about 30), different configurations and in a wide price range. The buyer can choose a reliable swimming device according to their capabilities.

Inflatable boat

All the peoples of the world have to travel by waterprimitive structures were used, covered with animal skins. They were simple in manufacture and repair, easy. Served for fishing and transportation of a minor cargo.boat admiral 290

Imported from America, rubber, and subsequentlyThe rubber made from it gave a sharp push to the design and manufacture of a variety of models of inflatable boats. The main customers for such products were the military, rescuers and participants of various expeditions.

The modern chemical industry offersfor the production of inflatable boats polyvinyl chloride (PVC fabric). This material is stronger and more reliable than rubber. He is not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet rays, oils, oil, rubbing against rocks and sand. It is from him that the Admiral boats are made. Customer feedback confirms the high level of quality of material from Finnish and German manufacturers.


The firm developed and manufactured two types of inflatable boats:

  • Rowing. At rowing boats diameter of cylinders - 400 mm, there are two hermetic compartments. Their presence helps to avoid flooding the vessel in the event of an accidental tissue rupture. The boat "Admiral" is equipped with a rim for the anchor (or fishing rods). Most models require the installation of a boat motor. Manufacturers recommend installing an electric motor up to 3.5 horsepower. For the installation of the motor a hinged transom is provided (not in all models). It is made of waterproof laminated 18 mm plywood. Of the same plywood, only not laminated, the pays are produced (the so-called removable flooring is called the bottom of the boat) and the cans are 750x200 mm. Inflatable boat "Admiral" rowing type has excellent course stability and easy to move both on the engine and on the oars. The kit includes two collapsible oars, a 5-liter pump, a packing bag and a repair kit.
  • Motor. Their design provides maneuverability, stability and decent speed. Products are designed for equipment with gasoline or electric motors. The curb side beam guarantees stability on the wave. Water does not fall into the cockpit even with wind force up to 10 m / s.


The boat "Admiral-320" is designed for fourpassengers. The total carrying capacity is 450 kg. Its length is 3.2 m, width is 1.45 m. The length and width of the cockpit are 2.35 and 0.63 m, respectively. The diameter of the cylinders is 0.4 m.

The small weight of the product - only 41-43 kg (depending on the modification) - makes it easy to move it with the handles provided for both on the cylinders, and on the stern and nose of the boat.boat admiral 320

Piol consists of five sections laminated9-mm waterproof plywood and, unlike aluminum boats, absolutely silent. It is provided with a separate packing bag (in the form of a book with comfortable handles).

For such a model with a built-in transom, you canInstall a motor with a power of up to 10 horsepower. Reviews indicate that at a speed and with a large wave, water penetration is minimal. In addition, coaches are provided on the transom.

Due to the presence of four sealed compartments the swimming device has an excellent buoyancy and will stay on the water even in the event of a breakdown of one of them.


The boat "Admiral-305" has increasedstability. This is provided due to the increased diameter of the cylinders and the presence of an onboard halt. Can withstand the wave at a wind speed of up to 9 m / s. Three sealed compartments and an inflatable keel guarantee an excellent buoyancy of the product.

On this model, the keel protection in the form of a bottom stop is additionally installed on the production line. This design ensures the durability of the boat.inflatable boat

The digital parameters of the model are as follows:

  • length - 3.05 m;
  • width - 1.36 m;
  • diameter of cylinders - 0,4 m;
  • length and width of the cockpit - 2,2 and 0,56 m;
  • carrying capacity - 425 kg;
  • capacity - 4 people;
  • weight - 38.5 kg.

Like all other models, the Admiral-305is completed with a can of the size of 650x200 mm. The bank is fixed from the inside, it can be adjusted in height. Additional accessories to the bank are a special soft lining and a sealed bag for carrying and storage.

The power of the installed motor should not exceed 8 horsepower. The package includes two aluminum collapsible oars and two towing eyes.


The boat "Admiral-290" has a length of 290 cm and a width136 cm. Despite its relatively small size, it accommodates three adults. The carrying capacity is 400 kg, the size of the cockpit is 205 by 56 cm.

Like other larger products, the Admiral-290 model has three hermetic compartments and an inflatable keel. It installs a motor with a power of 6 horsepower on the built-in transom.

Weight - 36 kg, standard equipment provides all the most necessary equipment: paddles, cans, air pump, pajoly, repair kit, bags.


To transport a PVC boat use severaloptions. The simplest, according to reviews, is in a bag-case. To facilitate carrying the inflated boat overland, special wheels are used. They are attached to the boat's trawl and can withstand loads up to 100 g. As an alternative, you can use special carts (usually on two wheels).

boats admiral reviews

Consumers say that you can load the boat onroof of the car, and put the motor in the trunk. There are special trailers for their transportation. There are many options, in each case, you can choose the best method of transportation, depending on the specific circumstances.


Like all other manufacturers, the company "Admiral Boat" guarantees the necessary set of equipment for comfortable operation of the product. Regardless of the modification, the kit must include:

  • the actual boat;
  • stringers;
  • set of pionols;
  • banks (two pieces);
  • air pump (volume - 5 liters with pressure up to 400 mbar);
  • adapters for valves;
  • aluminum collapsible oars (two pieces);
  • set for repair (30 ml tube with special Bostic glue and a piece of PVC cloth for the color of the cylinders);
  • bags for packing pajol and boats;
  • passport and operation manual.boat admiral

The whole industry is engaged in the production of equipment for PVC boats. Here are some examples of additional equipment:

  • soft seats with a packing bag;
  • a lining on banks;
  • holder for oars;
  • (designs can be different);
  • awning bow (there are modifications without "glass");
  • tent-transformer;
  • rotary oarlock;
  • a set of inflatable furniture;
  • anchor;
  • motor;
  • sets for installation of supports for rods;
  • tow rope.boat admiral 305


Many fans of recreation on the water choose to purchase a boat "Admiral". Feedback from the owners is mostly positive. They note the following points:

  • high density (hence, durability) of PVC-fabric - at least 750 g / m2and up to 1100 g / m2;
  • gluing of the fabric is produced by glue of the famous French company Bostic;
  • has excellent exchange rate stability;
  • good capacity and carrying capacity;
  • high aerodynamic characteristics;
  • small draft of the shell;
  • additional protection of the acute part of the nose (plug from polyvinyl chloride);
  • any "Admiral" boat has the type of fastening of lycros-ligase cans (not fixed);
  • guarantee period for the material - up to 5 years, for glued joints - 2 years;
  • in each set includes a carrying case made of strong PVC fabric in 600 D, equipped with comfortable handles.

The company "Admiral Boat" takes care of its reputation. Triple quality control and use of material from proven manufacturers guarantee the users reliable operation of the product.

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