Ingrown nail: laser removal, causes and main stages of treatment

The ingrown nail is not a dangerous disease, but withthis significantly worsens the quality of human life. The reasons for the appearance of this pathology are many, the most unpleasant is that this can happen to anyone. It is recommended to consult the doctor at the first symptoms, because it is not a matter of illness, which will pass "by itself". How is the ingrown nail treated? Laser removal is one of the most modern methods of getting rid of this problem.

What is ingrown nail?

Ingrown nail laser removalA healthy nail plate grows only forward andsmoothly fills the nail bed. On three sides, the nail is protected by dermal ridges, and near the lower edge of the nail is a cuticle. With normal growth, the nail plate protrudes beyond the border of the finger pad, but it can not expand into the sides. However, under certain conditions, the growth of the nail can be disturbed. In this case spicules are formed - processes that grow into lateral ridges of the skin. Such pathology is not dangerous to health, but it causes considerable discomfort when walking. Why is this happening? Indeed, the nail plate itself consists of keratin and does not have nerve endings. However, the surrounding soft tissues are quite sensitive. Accordingly, abnormal growth of the nail plate is not only a cosmetic defect, but also a very painful pathology. It is important to understand that only surgically you can completely remove the ingrown nail. Laser removal is a worthy alternative to traditional surgical treatment.

Causes of nail growth disorders

Laser removal of ingrown nail in MoscowBefore choosing a treatment option, let'sWe will understand why this disease appears. In most cases, the growth of the nail plate is disturbed by improperly made pedicure. Remember that the nails on the legs are not recommended to give a rounded shape, do not cut them and too short. The second most popular cause of nail plate growth is uncomfortable shoes with too narrow noses. The cause of the pathology can also become excessive stress on the legs, fungus and other skin diseases. Sometimes the disease begins after the injury, during pregnancy, as well as in diseases that disrupt the nourishment of the nail plate or lead to deformation of the foot.

Signs of ingrown nail

Laser removal of ingrown nailsUnderstand that the nail plate is growing incorrectlyand unnatural, you can even when viewed with the naked eye. Most patients suffering from this disease recall that the first signs of malaise were pain. If the area of ​​ingrown nail is injured or infectious, there may be festering, the appearance of ulcers and local edema. What happens if you do not treat an ingrown nail? Laser removal of spicules is a proposal of clinics, which appeared relatively recently. Earlier, the option of radical treatment was one - a surgical operation. Of course, many patients this option of therapy seemed too complicated and problematic. As a result, patients often went to medical institutions with this disease in too advanced stages. There is a pathology in this case, irreversible deformities of the nail plate, excessive proliferation of soft tissues and their coarsening. Attention: if you notice any of the signs of this pathology, do not postpone the visit to the clinic!

Laser treatment of ingrown nail

Laser removal of ingrown nail spbThere is a mass of folk remedies and curativeointments of factory production, intended to alleviate the condition of people suffering from ingrown and curved nail plates. However, it is worthwhile to understand that all these medicines can only provide temporary relief and are not capable of eliminating the problem. Remove ingrown nails can only be surgical or laser. What is the second option? If you are concerned about an ingrown nail, laser removal is the most modern therapy option. The operation lasts about 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. The laser removes all the excess elements of the nail plate, and then the affected tissue areas are cleaned. What is important, the operation is contactless, during this exposure, healthy tissues are not injured.

Advantages of the new method

Today any specialized laser clinicremoval of ingrown nails is positioned as the best option to fight this disease. But what advantages does this method actually have? Any laser operation is performed without the risk of infection, since there are no incisions, and all manipulations are carried out without contact. The laser beam sterilizes the treated surfaces, which means that during removal of the ingrown nail the patient will also be cured of fungal diseases. After the laser surgery, recovery is quick and easy, and, which is especially nice, hospitalization is not required. Immediately after removing the ingrown nail, the patient leaves the clinic home.

Laser removal of ingrown nail in Moscow and St. Petersburg: clinics and prices

Laser treatment of ingrown nailThe most important question among those who decided onremoval of an ingrown nail with a laser: "How much does such a procedure cost and in what clinic to enroll?" Laser removal of ingrown nails in Moscow is offered by virtually all major medical centers. There are among them clinics of major all-Russian networks, and small private centers for aesthetic medicine. This service is offered to patients in such medical institutions as Medline-Service, Vitamed, Best Clinic, NEARMEDIC and many others. The cost of the procedure in the capital starts from 2300 rubles and increases depending on the pricing policy of the institution and the complexity of the pathology in a particular patient. And what about the laser removal of ingrown nails in St. Petersburg? And in this city many medical centers are ready to help patients with this problem. "Be healthy", "Panacea", "Constellation", "A-Media" - all these are clinics where laser removal of ingrown nails (SPb) is performed. As for the cost of the procedure, the prices are not much different from those in Moscow. So, this operation will cost 2200-6000 rubles, depending on the complexity of the case and the level of the clinic.

Reviews of those who have already removed the ingrown nail with a laser

Laser removal of ingrown nail in Moscow cheap What patients say clinics of laser medicine,already tried to get rid of ingrown nails? There are almost no discontent among these people. Laser removal of ingrown nail testimonials is positive due to the speed of the procedure and its high efficiency. The most often noted plus is this: to get rid of this pathology, you do not need to go to the clinic, and one week after the operation you can live a full life - wearing any shoes, visiting the pool. But there are drawbacks. Not all patients like the cost of this service. However, you should not try to save money: remember, what you have to do is start up a safe operation, but still the operation is laser removal of an ingrown nail. In Moscow, it is not cheap to make this procedure, the minimum cost is about 2 thousand rubles. Remember that the miser pays twice, and if you are really worried about your health - it makes sense to find a clinic with a good reputation, rather than trying to choose the cheapest option.

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