Is it possible to use an "anonymous" mobile phone?

Is it realistic to use

No, it is certainly realistic to use, but are you sure that it will be difficult to calculate? I read a plague article on Reedus. I do not know whether this is true, but the infection is very logical and quite cunning.
The type of situation is this: you use an “anonymous” mobile phone, and the real one is nearby and is on (or not on). And what about without a real phone now. For any he will.
Do you think you are hard to figure out? As if not so ...

Investigators request logs of the whole cell in which the “anonymous” device works (worked). This is all that they need to calculate you (not only “hot on the heels”, but also in a week, a month, slowly, in a chair in his office for a cup of coffee). They make recursive samples by inclusion intervals and look who else was in the cell, except for the “anonymous” apparatus.
For example, in one cell there were 1000 more included phones. When you next turn on 500 of those that were the first time.The next - 20 of those who were in the first and second time.

Most often, it is possible from the logs of three or four inclusions to find exactly a pair of phones that do not leave the cell. Less inclusions require more: in this case, you can try to break through the history by the numbers of the sets of matches, as well as their owners. If this is a granny of 90 years old, of which she has been in her 10 years and she hasn’t left the apartment for 5 years, then the option is no longer possible.

Thus, the investigators quickly go to a real phone number, one call history which will reveal all the cards. Often, the special services are lucky with the second inclusion: to quickly study and sweep away hundreds of numbers is just a matter of the number of employees.

It even happens that they come to the real number from the first and only inclusion of “anonymous”! Do not believe? And in vain.

The dynamics in the cell, the behavior of other devices, weekdays / holidays can significantly simplify the work of the security forces. During the operation of an “anonymous” mobile phone, everyone else can get out of the cell, except for yours (well, the rest of the people took it and moved somewhere), or make outgoing ones, send SMS.

Now is a time when not a single minute without a mobile phone.And it scorches you: you cannot simultaneously make outgoing from two phones. So, while you are “working” from “anonymous”, everyone who calls in your cell leaves suspicion and narrows the ring around you.

In addition, Mr. Chance is also not on your side: the special services have logs, in which all the data is inside and out, and you have a normal life with all the unpredictability.

Example: you surf “anonymously” on the Internet and here you are called to a real phone. You start talking, and data traffic over the Internet drops by a time that is statistically different from the time between average page loads. To match all calls in a cell for an exact match with a traffic failure is a matter of seconds. Your number has been found.

It may be, of course, that you just went to the toilet, but it’s not difficult to check whether the number you’ve found is “found”. And if they call you twice?

The offender turned on the device, sent an SMS with a ransom request, turned off. A day later turned on, called to discuss the conditions of redemption, turned off. The third time turned on - reported the meeting place and time, turned off. The men in their caps studied the logs for three "inclusions" - who at that moment was in a cell all three times.From the second "reconciliation" there are four numbers left, from the third - one.

Is it realistic to use

Situation two

You use an "anonymous" mobile phone, but turn off the real prudently in advance.

Incredibly, you only simplified the task for the investigators. They will simply see who has disconnected - it has disconnected (the phone transmits a disconnect signal to the network), and did not leave the network shortly before the “anonymous” appeared. We can safely say that there will be few such in a cell or even you alone.

To clarify the data, you can compare who turned on after turning off the "anonist". And also punch on granny and others. As you can see, turning off this device while using the “left” only worsens anonymity.

Is it realistic to use

Data leakage in the United States showed how you can track any cell phone in real time

Situation three

You leave the real phone at home turned on, and you yourself are going to another cell and only there turn on the “anonymous” one. Think a tricky plan? But nifiga. Three factors still give out your real machine.

Firstly, the same scheme is worked out as in the first situation, only not for one cell, but for several. First one by one, then by the neighboring ones and so on, until they reach the comparison of the cell of the “anonymous” with the hundredth of the present.

Secondly, and in the main ones: your home apparatus is without a master and cannot answer calls. Therefore, sooner or later there will be missed, which are also visible in the logs.

It is only necessary to compare which apparatus had the “inclusions” of the anonymous that were missed at all times.

What do you think, many of the subscribers do not always pick up the phone just at the time when you exit from the anonymous? Yes, no one, except for your real phone!

Is it realistic to use

In addition, this method helps a lot in general search: investigators can very quickly ring the numbers that remain after comparing the logs of cells. And if the phone is not taken - here are the suspects.

Thirdly, you can not leave this machine anywhere, every time in different places. Most likely, he is in your home. That is, in one place for each inclusion.

On this you can build an additional sample for the filter: how many of the same devices were in the same cell. In general, all this will lead to a quick, albeit slightly less rapid than in previous cases, access to a real number.

Is it realistic to use

Fourth situation

You turn off the real phone at home, while you yourself are going to another cell and only there turn on the “anonymous” one. Cm.situation number 3 + situation number 2.

It turns out that the whole scheme works on the fact that several inclusions are made from the same number. That is, if you leave the number only once and then throw out the SIM card and phone - it will be impossible to find?

This will help only in the event that your “case” at one time, and there were no other similar cases and no more. That is, in reality, all of these “cases” will not help. Changing numbers does not complicate the task of finding a real phone.

Suppose, in the same example, about blackmail: how to change the number will help - after all, the victim of the same calls are made. Investigators will simply punch three inclusions instead of one number, but three inclusions of different numbers. Similarly, the "dark business" on the Internet - numbers are easily combined in a common "case."

A more frequent change of numbers only worsens security, since the investigators will receive groups of numbers and will be able to easily break through, for example, where did the sims come from. And cover you red-handed while buying a new one or go to a “seller” who will make a “robot” or merge the number from which you called him.

Anonymity is not a lack of identification data. This in the modern world simply can not be.Anonymity is a good imitation of the ordinary, but not the real person.

Is it realistic to use

What will give the number of this phone?

I considered how easy it is to simply “pierce” the real security forces ’number of the suspect according to his“ anonymous ”one. But what will the information about this phone? Yes all.

In addition to the information on whom the number is issued, the investigators will see who you called. Surely among them there are many who know you personally. They will see who replenished the account and how. Most likely, there are payments there and from a real card through an ATM or from a real webmoney wallet, etc. That is, in fact, you sailed.

Is it realistic to use

How to find a number?

A task force with a manual direction finder is being deployed to the site, in the area of ​​work of the cell in which the suspect’s phone is located. This is not a screen with a dot, as shown in the films, but a simple radio receiver with an arrow that shows the signal power and an antenna in the shape of the letter H, the letter Ж, a sly tube or a hyperbolic / parabolic dish (often there are several antennas for different conditions work).

Information on exactly what frequency the desired device is currently working on is available at the base station.Oper tunes the receiver to this frequency, turns the antenna around itself and looks at the arrow.

Where the signal comes from the most is where it goes. He enters the staircase, climbs the stairs and measures the signal. Finds the right floor in this way, then an apartment, and that’s all, “anonymity” is over. In the observed case, the time from the entrance of the "gazelle" of the operas to the output under the white handles is 25 minutes. Considering how many of them went to the recommendations “open for we will open in any case,” the charges and the suspect’s withdrawal can be estimated for how many dozens of houses, hundreds of entrances and thousands of apartments have found the right one.

Is it realistic to use

Anonymity is a myth?

Above, I considered in detail that, having a real personal mobile phone, we will never be anonymous, even from a newly purchased phone and a SIM card just bought in the gateway without a design. As I already said, accessible anonymity is a good imitation of an ordinary, but not a real person. And the lack of personality in general in our contemporary informational realities is simply impossible. After all, here you, the person, sit right here and read this article.

Real hackers, whose freedom, and perhaps life, depends on anonymity, do not use mobile phones in everyday life. Do not use at all. Only one-time calls, skype, etc.

Yes, and the life of "everyday" they do not. Eternal darkness, non-existence. No friends, no family, no habits and "favorite" places. That's what anonymity is.

But in reality, there is a full-fledged other life on the Web, other friends and other “places”. And often not only not worse, but it will be better than in real life. So not everything is so sad.

Is it realistic to use

Just not like most. However, this is no longer “anonymity.” You have a name, even a nickname, but it is you who are known by it, you have internet friends and places where you can be found on the Web.

You can even be "punished", albeit without a trip to Siberia. Thus, it is easy to understand that not only anonymity is conditional, but also freedom, and “crime” and “laws” are not one, but relative to society. A "society" are different.

Having learned a little about the methods of work of the security forces, you can take measures to improve security in each particular case.

For example, in situation number 3, you can install an answering machine on a real phone or ask a friend to answer if they call. Register a real phone to a real grandmother in order to pass the “filter to grandmother”. Try to randomly combine situations, leave the phone in different places, etc.Will it help in the “hour of X”? Far from a fact.

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