Josh Henderson and his movie roles

The world of cinema is increasingly filled with talented people. In 2001, this list was completed by Josh Henderson. But the young man is known not only because of his acting career. After all, Josh is also a musician. And also makes it unique congenital heterochromia. What makes a guy the owner of the eyes of different colors - blue and green.

Actor Josh Henderson

Josh was born in Dallas. But he returned to his native city only when he became independent. His childhood was spent traveling with his family to different cities. The future actor grew up without a father. Mother independently raised him and two more daughters.

When Josh Henderson decided himself to achieve something in life, he began to study music. Gathered his musical group, which existed for long. But the young man received valuable life experience. Then I decided to try myself in a different direction.

Josh hendersonSometimes Josh starred in small episodes of films. At that time he was engaged in a modeling career, having worked in this direction for several years.But an unexpected role in the film put everything in its place.

The role that has become a guiding star

For five years, Josh Henderson was shot only in bit parts. But when he was lucky to play an interesting character, the young man finally decided on a career. The musical film "Step Forward" turned Josh's entire life.

The plot of the film tells about the life of a careless guy who constantly violates the law. But such tricks could not go unpunished. Then one day a guy was caught penetrating the School of Art. The appointed correctional labor obliges him to work out the punishment in this school. But the girl, whom the main character is forced to help with her dance program, not only reveals the talent of the dancer in him. She changes his life.

Josh henderson moviesThe film has become special for the leading roles. After all, Channing Tatum and his partner Jenna Duan, having become acquainted on the set, began to meet. And three years later they got married.

Josh Henderson: Filmography

From 2001 to 2006, the actor starred in several small roles of films such as:

  • "C.S.I. Crime Scene" (a series in which episodic roles were played by almost all novice actors);
  • "One on one";
  • "Neighbor";
  • "Spies";
  • "There";
  • "North Shore";
  • as well as in the popular TV series "Desperate Housewives."

In 2009, a musical comedy came out with the original title - “Removal rules: Theory of a womanizer”, where Josh Henderson played the main role.

Josh Henderson FilmographyFilms in which we can also watch the work of an actor:

  • Action "Heat" (the newest film with his participation) tells about the adventures of lovers of easy money, robbed the casino, but lost the loot money. Freed from imprisonment, the heroes are trying to find his runaway partner.
  • "90210: The New Generation" is a film based on the popular TV series of the 90s "Beverly Hills, 90210".
  • The television series "Dallas", where Josh played a major role.

And Josh participated in the reality show "Become a star", where he did not have to play any role, and be himself, introducing his musical group "Scene 23".

We wish Josh creative success. And we will wait for new interesting roles of a talented actor.

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