A number of people who accidentally stumbled upon my post, which I wrote in response to the aggressive advertising of Bausch and Lomb, which is now posted on many sites (that eyes, supposedly, dry from glasses, and do not dry from lenses, buy all our lenses, etc.) there was a tantrum on the topic “I wear contact lenses, I don’t remember 15 or 20 years in a row, but for some reason I wasn’t blind and the retina doesn’t flake off! You're lying! ”
I quote literallyvallinoren:
I wear lenses so long ago that I don’t even remember when I started.I wear it as it is, I do not take it off for the night, I don’t drip the solutions, I stick it in my eye with makeup!
(You should not boast that you wear lenses “at random, without taking them off at night.” This characterizes you as an irresponsible person with self-conceit).
In general, judging by the article, I must have a complex of diseases, andI should already be blinded in a good way, get cancer and damn manufacturers. What really. I put on the lens in 2-3 seconds, becauseI can read RTFM.
(That is, it turns out that all peoplewho have diseases and problems, unlike you, are stupid and just did not read the rules of wearing? Wait a minute, but you just wrote that you yourself "wear it like that." You contradict yourself).
If the lens is torn - I throw it away.If I feel a lens, I take it off and throw it away. If I wear lenses without removing more than 2 weeks, I take them off, wear glasses for a couple of weeks, then put on new ones. If I see that the eye is red - I take off the lenses and bury the drops of Sustain.
(That is, she sincerely believes that the only one who guessed to remove and throw away the lenses if they broke! And the remaining 1336 people continue to walk in tattered, old, skosabchennyh, etc. Can you imagine what a person conceit?)
If amy eyes are long and painfully dry(it happens in summer) I use Sustayn and Blefarogel №2. Everything. For all my experience of wearing lenses, I realized that the less often you poke a lens solution and other stray into the eye, the more comfortable it is to wear. Here are a few rules for me, not all, of course.
(This is the first swallow. Everything begins with this. “The eyes dry for a long time and painfully,” but she did not refuse the lenses. At the same time, again, she thinks that the only such clever one had thought to drip into the eyes. By the way, "Sustayn" is not the best drops. Much better "Korneregel" and "Khilokomod." Strange, because more often the eyes dry in the winter).
1. Do not wear lenses designed for long wearing. Why? They are thicker than ephemeral and cause discomfort when worn. Even if you wear 1 day and night to take off.
(Why are they then manufactured by the manufacturer and recommended to someone by professional ophthalmologists? Are you smart, but are they all stupid? Doctors say that one-day ones are so low in quality that at the end of the day they are hard to see. I wrote about this in your text, but you did not read).
2. Do not wear colored lenses for more than a few hours (the maximum was enough for me for 3-4 hours). Here and so everything is clear, the paint scratches the cornea, the eye turns red and itches.
(I repeat, in my text that you did not read, I wrote thatThere are colored lenses in which the paint is inside the lens. And they don't scratch the cornea.If you write the answer to the post, then at least read, otherwise you look like a fool).
3. Do not use solutions for washing lenses. In general, do not use lenses that need to be stored and rinsed, well, it’s logical that you have a non-sterile laboratory, right? And the more often you touch the lenses and soak the more bacteria on them, and the more they wear out, respectively, cause discomfort when worn.
(Advice not to use solutions I will not even comment).
4. Find your "brand". Someone fit One day from Johnson and Johnson, someone Moist, which you are more comfortable to wear personally? Until you try different you will not know.
5. If you feel discomfort - remove the lens and bury Sistayn or equivalent.Many do not even know that I have myopia.Because the lenses are perfectly matched, the edges of the lens do not extend beyond the cornea, they are not visible, I can scratch my eyes, rub my eyes hard, and the lenses do not lose their position because they are perfect.
(“Many don’t even know that I have myopia.” Discovered America. And who knows if you are in lenses? You can wear lenses with sight -15 and keratoconus and have a vision disability, and no one will know. My acquaintance I wrote, with a vision of -20.5 diopters I wore lenses for more than 15 years and nobody knew. And then the lenses stopped coming up and now he is almost blind, he was given special glasses on order. He lives in Spain, but in Russia or Ukraine he would already with a cane would go, probably, to the touch).
I used to use Moist from Johnson, because they were the most comfortable. Now I use Daylies Total theyso perfect that I myself forget that I wear them)
(“I’m so perfect that I forget myself that I wear them.” This is not a reason to write boiling water with happiness. This is the basic condition! All lenses should not be felt during the day).
In general, wear lenses, andDo not believe everything they write. The main thing is to do everything right and you will be happy!
(“Do not believe everything they write” and “the main thing is to do everything right.” That is, she again repeats that people with contact lens lenses and dryness have hands not from that place and they just did everything wrong, unlike her. She can be trusted, but not to others. Why? Does she head at the Institute of Informatics, named after Heymholtz?)
She, of course, did not read my text and did not think about what the main idea was and why it was written. So, she ran through the corner of her eye, like most other naive people with exorbitant self-conceit, and she judges very superficially.
I know a huge number of chain smokers with excellent health (like those who eat on a cake a day, drinking Coca-Cola, do not get fatter and laugh when someone starts talking about diabetes). Everyone in my family smokes except me. My parents smoked and smoked up to three packs of strong cigarettes a day, probably from about twenty, if not earlier.My brother, who is not even twenty-five years old, smokes one by one, that is, lights a cigarette from another cigarette. None of them has yet suffered from laryngeal cancer, has no lung cancer or changes in the lungs, does not complain either of pressure or heart problems or breathing. Does this mean that numerous studies that nicotine is extremely harmful often cause laryngeal cancer, etc.? - deception and intimidation of smokers?
The key word here is "bye."

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