Laferobion: ambulance for colds and flu


Autumn time, the eyes of charm, brought with it not only a riot of colors of nature withering, but also marked the beginning of the season of colds. Every mother knows that the red teary-eyed eyes of the baby and the first sneeze is a guaranteed week of treatment for SARS, with anxiety over the development of possible complications. How to help your baby easier to move cold and flu without harming his health?

We are active in advance

As soon as an infection with a viral infection occurs, our body responds with a universal reaction - the production of interferons. Interferons are protein molecules whose synthesis is encoded in the human genetic apparatus. They are the first "guards" who prevent the reproduction of viruses and are produced by already infected cells. That is, it takes time until their natural production by the body. At the same time, the interferon molecule itself is universal, it is the same for all people, regardless of gender and age.The use of interferon preparations is based on this - not to wait for a response defense response of the body, but to act on the pathogen in advance. Thus, interferons increase the effectiveness of treatment, reduce the risk of chronicity and recurrence of infection. In addition, it should be noted that interferons can enhance the action of antibiotics, if necessary, their use.

Interferons: recombinant against leukocyte

Interferons have proven their clinical efficacy and safety in the treatment of many viral diseases. Proof of this - a significant number of clinical studies conducted on the principles of evidence-based medicine.

The development of methods for the synthesis of recombinant (obtained outside the human body) interferon allowed us to create highly effective "pure" drugs, minimizing the likelihood of transmission of any infection from the donor and the development of allergic reactions.

The most studied in terms of antiviral and immunomodulatory effects for the treatment of viral diseases is the interferon alpha-2b molecule.

- natural and effective treatment of influenza and ARVI

The specialists of Biopharma, the leader of the Ukrainian market for the production of immunobiological preparations, have developed the drug Laferobion using the most modern production technologies. Laferobion contains recombinant interferon alpha-2b, which can be used even for premature babies and newborns in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases. It is known that the diagnosis of "ARVI" and "influenza" doctors put on the basis of clinical symptoms, because the laboratory diagnosis of these pathogens is quite complicated. At the same time, treatment depending on the type of virus is practically the same, and Laferobion is universal and acts against all viruses, regardless of their species.

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It must be remembered that the earlier used interferon preparations, the higher their effectiveness. Therefore, the use of Laferobion recommended at the first signs of SARS and influenza. Doctors and mothers know that, most likely, it will not be possible to avoid the disease, but to transfer it in a milder form and to avoid the development of complications - this is what Laferobion is intended to do. It begins to act immediately after the introduction and does not stimulate the immune system, but is a replacement therapy.This is especially important in often and long-term sick babies, because the use of immunostimulatory drugs in them may be ineffective and unsafe.

When using Laferobion, no antibodies are formed that neutralize the antiviral activity of recombinant interferon alpha-2b, even when used for 2 years.

In addition, the complex composition of Laferobion provides a number of advantages: in combination with vitamins E (tocopherol acetate) and C (ascorbic acid), the antiviral activity of recombinant interferon alpha 2b increases 10-14 times, its immunomodulating effect on T and B increases. lymphocytes, the content of immunoglobulin E is normalized.

Safety first

Dosage form of administration in the form of rectal suppositories ensures maximum effectiveness and additional safety of the drug. Laferobion does not act on the stomach, and minimal transformation in the liver reduces the risk of interactions. Suppositories Laferobion easy to use, because their base has a higher melting point, that is, candles "do not melt in your hands."In addition, Laferobion has a low risk of allergic reactions - it does not contain additional allergenic components (alcohol, dyes, flavorings).

Advantages of the rectal route of administration of interferon

As part of the European Project (EMPRO) to study the permeability of mucous membranes and skin, it is shown that the rate of passage of a drug substance with a molecular weight of up to 30 kD through the rectal mucosa into the blood coincides with the rate of intramuscular injection. * The molecular mass of the recombinant

interferon alfa-2b is 19 kDa, which means its rectal administration is highly effective, contrary to the usual opinion that such a method of administration is not appropriate.

Laferobion is registered as an over-the-counter drug, that is, it is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. And the optimal ratio “price – quality” makes it the drug of choice No. 1 for knowledgeable moms and successful doctors!

* Prof Pieter van der Bijl, Division of Pharmacology Faculty of Health Sciences Stellenbosch University. V. Shols, Rega Institute for Medical Research, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium.

Advertising drug. Before use, read the full text of the instructions for use and consult your doctor.Self-medication can be detrimental to your health!

With the use of the drug may develop minor or moderate severity of adverse reactions that, after completion of treatment, as a rule, disappear.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to recombinant interferon alpha-2b or to another component of the drug; thyroid disease; severe violations of the kidneys, liver; severe cardiovascular diseases; epilepsy and other diseases of the central nervous system (including functional); oppression myeloid germ blood.

Keep out of the reach of children. Category of sales from pharmacies: no prescription. Manufacturer: PJSC "Biofarma", Kiev, Ukraine. R. p. No. 13779/01/01 and No. 13779/01/02, Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 812 of 06.11.2014.

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