Lands that were once Russian

It's hard to believe, but all that is shown in these photos once belonged to us ...

Fort - New Moscow - French Somalia
In 1889, a Cossack detachment headed by Nikolai Arshinov appeared on the land of the present state of Djibouti in East Africa. Warriors quickly settled in the same fortress, which was abandoned. The name she was given a loud New Moscow. The French, who later found insolent, offered them to get out of the territory in an amicable way. But the Cossacks just grinned and began firing with guns. Later, Alexander III, in negotiations with France, wrote that he did not support the initiative of his warriors. The Cossacks were later ousted by force.

Detachment of Cossacks headed by Nikolai Arshinov
Hawaiian Islands
Everyone knows that the Hawaiian Islands could be completely Russian. But the story went the other way. In 1815, the Russian expedition built three fortifications on the islands. The colony was led by Georg Schaeffer. An agreement was signed on the protectorate of local Aborigines. Support Moscow did not wait.The influx of Americans put an end to the colony, and everything ended in shooting not in favor of the first colonists.

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Germany - a city for the Empress
In 1793, Catherine II inherited land in Germany. And it is not easy house or estate, but the real city of Jever. But ten years later, Napoleon captured the imperial grounds. In 1813, the power of the Russian Empire returned to the French city, and in 1818 Russia for some reason gave the lands of the Olderbursk dynasty.

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Russian America - Fort Ross Fortress in California
Eighty kilometers from the city of San Francisco were the first Russian settlers. In 1812 the fortification of Fort Ross was founded. The colonists were able to do the impossible - they grew lush gardens. They established peaceful relations with the Indians and did not attack the fortifications. To maintain such a structure was unprofitable and in 1841, the entire economy with a fortress was sold to an American. The restored Fort is now a monument in California. There are guided tours and a museum organized.

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