Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough

Today we will talk about the game Legends of Eisenwald, the passage of which will be discussed in detail in this article. The project is a combination of tactical elements with RPG.


legends of eisenwaldTo begin, we will present general information about Legends ofEisenwald, see the passage in the next section of this material. The protagonist must gather troops in order to set off on a dangerous journey through Eisenwald. We are waiting for an interesting adventure with hundreds of enemies and friends. The game provides for an unusual battle system. We will plunge into the world of gloomy legends.


legends of eisenwald gameSo, get acquainted with the features of the game Legends ofEisenwald. Passage will begin to consider from this moment. We talk with a wise man named Evtal and carry out his first errands. We go to the Old churchyard and get there amulet. We go to the inn and get a tip about the tower, where you can find the amulet of Samael. We talk with Zeilitz. We leave for a hike, the purpose of which is a castle. Take cover in the fishing bay. We are waiting for the owner of the castle to leave. We seize the fortress. We attack the manor belonging to Otto Kyustenkatsu.

Way to victory

We report to Zeilitz. We get an incomprehensible package. The game Legends of Eisenwald allows you to travel not only by land, but also by sea. Therefore, we go to the pier. We sit down on the ship. Soon he will have to leave at a new point. After that we visit the tavern. We proceed to the monastery of Saint Lucia. Overtake a gang of robbers. We report on this. We leave for the cemetery. We take away the skull. We deal with the employer. We return Zion to his father. We speak with Beerlot. We agree to complete the assignment. We arrange a round-up on the bandits near the castle. As a result, the leader escapes. We catch him again. We speak with the head of the bandits. We report to Beolott.

To go to the next chapter, we are dealing withinternecine strife - pacify the barons. We go to the outpost and agree on a meeting with Kurt. We leave on the new road to the castle, but beforehand we glance into the tavern. We drink an unknown wine. We'll get it in the tavern. The main character loses consciousness. We wait until he wakes up and hurry to the Castle. We arrive there and run away from Berolt, who turns out to be a traitor.

Leaving our own lands, keeping our way throughmountains, and not entering into battle. We select the 9 malachites along the way. Also we find 6 crystals from black crystal and as many pyrites. We leave for Mole. We get him out of a special mine, which is located from the village to the north. We speak with Mole. We go to the manor of Adam. We fight with knights. we select wine. We leave for the outpost located at the river. We are expecting the appearance of Honn. We release his bride. We report on the completed task. We go to the crossing. We give the trader personal, before precious stones. We go to Erzglentsky forest. We go to the ancient ruins and find the "Cat's Mirror".

We meet with the monks who settled on thehill. There is an attack of spirits, and the main character loses consciousness. As soon as he comes to himself, we follow the capital. At the same time, along the way, the widow's troops will start chasing us. We are detached from them. As soon as we arrive in the capital, the widow will die. Toman will take her place. We leave for Trever. After the arrival we assist Daniel in the war. So we figured out the features of the game Legends of Eisenwald, the passage of which was presented above. It will help you save time.


legends of eisenwald cheatsMany players in Legends of Eisenwald cheatsinterest in the first place. Forced to disappoint you. The fact is that there are currently no special codes that could simplify the gameplay. Some sites offer to download cheats as a separate application, but we do not advise you to do this, as, most likely, instead of them in the received archive there will be a virus.

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Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough Legends of Eisenwald: walkthrough