Lung abscess

out of 5 possible based on

(radiograph and its scheme; abscess indicated by the arrow);
1 - abscess cavity;
2 - the level of pus;
3 - leukocyte infiltration.

Lung abscess(abscessus pulmonis) - a complication of bacterial destructive pneumonia.
IN PATHOGENESISdiseases matter the aggressiveness of the microbial flora and weakening of the immune system.
CLINICAL PICTUREcharacterized by high hectic temperature, general intoxication, neutrophilic leukocytosis with decreased lymphocytes, accelerated ESR, anemia.
Radiographically, an inhomogeneous shadow is detected in the lungs without clear boundaries against the background of pulmonary tissue infiltration. With the breakthrough of purulent contents in the bronchi, the bleaching of the shadow and the appearance of a liquid level are detected. As the cavity becomes empty, the symptoms of intoxication subside.
COMPLICATIONS: pyopneumothorax, pleurobronchial fistula, pulmonary hemorrhage, sepsis, purulent pericarditis, osteomyelitis. In the long term - deforming bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pneumosclerosis.
DIAGNOSTICS. In addition to general clinical and laboratory highly informative, there are X-ray and ultrasound examinations.
TREATMENT. Purposeful antibiotic therapy with parenteral and local drug administration, drainage of large cavities of pulmonary tissue disintegration, immunostimulating therapy, protease inhibitors. Hemosorbium, UVR are possible. With a chronic lung abscess, surgical treatment is performed.

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