Magnetic storms in June 2018 Magnetic storms are caused by solar flares. The star continuously throws out a multitude of energy waves. But it’s not. Under their influence, the magnetic field of our planet.

Magnetic storms are particularly susceptible to those who often suffer from pressure drops. For example, elderly, pregnant women, children. The body down. Most often, people experience headaches, inability to concentrate, weakness, aggressiveness. Especially hard to those who suffer from chronic diseases.

The impact of solar storms is most strongly felt. When trains start moving, this results in ultra-low magnetic fields interacting with solar ones. As a result, a person may have heart problems. Magnetic storms is noticeable in the north.

Northern lights

Magnetic Storms in June 2018: Schedule

In terms of the solar activity, it will be a decrease.

Include the following:

  • In the past month, it will not be observed;
  • only on June 8 and 9, an average magnetic field activity will be observed.

Thus, it was a negative impact on the state of weather dependent people.

General recommendations

If necessary, they should be given as much as possible.

  1. Diet

It has been recommended that it can be used as a supplement. as fatty, fried and spicy dishes, sweets.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, rye bread, boiled fish. Herbal teas, fruit drinks, compotes, mineral and ordinary boiled water.

  1. Physical exercise

For example, for trainings, trainings and trainers. However, it’s not a bad move.

solar radiation and earth field

  1. Additional ways to self-help

So nothing compresses of eucalyptus oil will help.

It is necessary to keep lost on close people. If you are a person, you should be able to understand and relate to mood swings calmly and patiently. Heart palpitations.

Some people help magnetic bracelets, jewelry. It should be noted.

Careful attention. Do not stay in the period of intense magnetic storms alone.

Magnetic storms in the heat

Magnetic storms are especially hot summer months. To make things easier for yourself, it’s necessary to follow the room as often as possible. It is a positive effect.

If you want to get it to bed, do not lose it. So the influence of the unfavorable period will be completely neutralized.

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