Maria Kiseleva: athlete, TV host, organizer of water shows

Maria Kiseleva - famous Russian TV presenter, Olympic champion in synchronized swimming, world and European champion, master of sports. She leads an active cultural and social life, and even is a member of the presidium of the Presidential Council for Sport and Physical Culture.Maria Kiseleva weak link

Sports career

When Maria was young, no one could imagine what a starry career she had ahead of her. The girl was terribly afraid of water, and her parents, deciding to help her overcome her fear, gave her swimming. Then they could not even think that this was the first and most important step on the path of the famous sportswoman.

Being seriously interested in synchronized swimming, Maria Kiseleva spent a huge amount of time in the water, barely managing to combine training with school. But under the guidance of an experienced coach, following her dream of becoming a champion, Masha entered the Lesgaft Institute of Physical Education, and it was not long before she became a member of the Russian national team.In 1992, she won her first gold Maria Kiseleva

The peak of Maria's sports career is at the end of 1990 - the beginning of 2000, when she and her swimming partner Olga Brusnikina became the Olympic champion. She confirmed this title three times!

Work on television

In parallel with the synchronization career, Maria actively tried herself on television. She hosted sports news on the NTV channel, was the leading New Year's release of the program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” And the show “Together with Dolphins” on the country's main channel.

However, in the memory of many viewers there is still another program that Maria Kiseleva was leading with such brilliance. The “weak link” appeared on the screens in 2001, and its strict, straightforward leading battle drew attention. The broadcast went on the air with great success, until in 2005 Maria did not have to suspend her work in the project because she was pregnant. The show “Weak Link” brought Mary awards “Debut of the Year” and “The Most Stylish TV Presenter”.

Among other things, Kiseleva managed to try herself in an acting career. She starred in the films "All Inclusive", "Paragraph 78", "Day Watch", "Idiot".

Dreams Come True

When Maria Kiseleva was expecting a child and was preparing for motherhood, she first had the idea to create a play that would be interesting for both children and adults. To be able to spend a family evening, relax together and at the same time experience a sea of ​​new emotions and impressions. And, of course, all this had to be connected with sports, without which Maria could not imagine her life. This idea has become a dream, and the dream has been successfully realized in more than a year.

Show on the water

Since 2010, Kiseleva has been organizing a magnificent water show, in which famous athletes, actors, circus artists take part. The show is a New Year's performance on the water. Although in essence, this is a fairy tale in which three spaces are joined together: water, land and air. In the first days of the new year, children and parents are given the opportunity to plunge into the magical water world. About 80 people are involved in the acting troupe, each of them not only performs tricks and performances, but also plays a role, shares his emotions and experiences with the audience. Maria chooses the actors herself, paying first of all her professionalism and the desire to work, learn and try new things, surprise the viewer.Maria Kiseleva's New Year Show

The show of Maria Kiseleva is a great success, and every year more and more spectators dream with their own eyes to look at these magnificent performances. For 7 years, the performances “Recipe of Magic”, “The Little Mermaid and Pirates' Treasures”, “The Land of Dreams”, “Through the Looking Glass” and others were staged. Were staged in the pools of sports complexes in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan.

New Year's show 2017

This year, adults and children appreciated Maria Kiseleva's New Year's show “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”. The main role was played by Alla Shishkina - the champion of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Like all past Mary's shows, this time the performance is striking in its beauty and professionalism. It is impossible to break away when at the same time twenty flyboardists soar into the air on jets of water, when athletes perform the most difficult diving, and acrobats strike with amazing tricks!water show Maria Kiseleva

The beautiful tale of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin began to play in a new way thanks to famous athletes and artists. Prince Guidon, the Swan Princess, Tsar Saltan, brave warriors… came alive on the water. Neither children nor adults can take their eyes off the show.The peculiarity is that both of them find in the presentation what is interesting to them, despite the difference in age.

Each water show by Maria Kiseleva has an age frame of 0+, however Maria herself always warns that it will be difficult for the kids to sit through the whole event and they are unlikely to appreciate it. Maria brought her youngest daughter to the show for the first time at the age of 3, and from the age of 4 the girl watched the whole show without stopping.

Real pride

Maria Kiseleva is very proud that both her daughters, who were born in marriage with the famous swimmer Vladimir Kirsanov, take part in her water show. The eldest, Daria, as a mother, tries herself in synchronized swimming and swims with girls who are synchronized girls from school. Little Sasha likes drawing and dancing more. She also goes on stage and plays like a real heroine of a performance.Maria KiselevaFor Mary, this is a great pride and joy, it's so good when you have the opportunity to spend more time with your children. And it is wonderful that this can be done not only at home, but also at work.

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