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Marina Kramer is a contemporary writer, sheShe was born in the city of Krasnoyarsk on December 22, 1973. She was educated by Marina Medik, and worked in the specialty until the middle of the nineties. Marina - a neurosurgeon, in her practice she had to meet with different people. During the work the girl managed to get acquainted with what death is. At some point the girl decides to leave the medicine and start writing criminal books. Today Marina does not regret her choice. She is a successful author of detectives and criminal works. What inspired a fragile woman to make such a serious decision? Let's try to find the answer to this question.

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M. Kramer and her style

All the novels of Marina Kramer are written on the basis of real events. She had to get to know the real life of the criminal district.

Virtually every book of Marina Kramer has a double intriguing title. Looking at this fragile girl, it's hard to imagine what she's writing in this genre.

Marina just wants people to understand whichsometimes life is difficult and unfair, how hard it is for people from poor families. This is what she describes in her books. Her inspirer once acted as a close relative, who served a long time in prison. Before that, they were not acquainted, but after the release they had to meet. And Marina said that after such a difficult fate, he remained a man without losing the positive qualities.

marina cramer black widow

The Way to Creativity

Once with Marina there was a strange case,which changed her life. It was in Jerusalem. Together with her daughter she ran to the bus, they were very late, but could not get into it. Before the door the girl is knocked down by a woman, and the bus leaves. Later Marina learns that he was shot, and all the passengers were killed. Then the girl gets acquainted with her savior. A new friend began to tell her about her criminal past, and she listened to her with pleasure.

Then the girlfriends began to communicate only throughthe Internet. Marina wanted to write books about the life path of her friend. But she did not allow her to do this, because she was afraid that she would be imprisoned. But after a few years Marina still decides to write a book based on real events. She sends her to read to her mastermind. The woman allows to publish it, but only prefers some data to change or completely omit it. Marina changes all the moments that her friend asked for. After the work was published, the girl was very popular, and the editorial staff signed an agreement with her.

Marina only writes criminal novels, and she does not see herself any more in any other genre.

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Marina Kramer "The Black Widow"

The series of books "The Black Widow" Marina began to writeso long ago. In the first book, she talks about the life of a young woman, a girl who had to face a large group. Initially, their relationship developed very well, the mafia give the girl a good earning. In some minutes the leader of the gang even takes care of this girl and cares about her. But in fact, he has his own selfish interests, and after getting to know him, her relatively quiet earlier life is drastically changing.

This book is called the same as the series - "The Black Widow," but it also has another name - "The Disciple of Al Capone".

M. Kramer and all her books

Did Marina Kramer write a lot? All books will be listed in the order below. Peru Marina owns a lot of works, which she released in series. They include the following:

  • "History of a strong woman" - 2 books.
  • "Tango at gunpoint" - 5 books.
  • "Advocate" - 2 books.
  • "Detective Anthology" - 8 books.
  • "Stories" - 5 books
  • "The Queen of Criminal Powers" - 1 book.
  • "The Black Widow" - 10 books.

Marina also wrote books outside the series. And there are quite a lot of them. To those detectives that did not enter any of the series, are:

  • "Angel".
  • "Summer Detective."
  • "Twenty minutes of happiness."
  • "One week before the wedding."
  • "Death as a gift."
  • "All shades of desire."
  • "It's worth living in the world."
  • "Purple".
  • "My cruel happiness."

marina kramer die to live

Marina Kramer "Die to Live"

This book was published in 2015. It was written in the genre of a detective and entered the series "The Queen of Criminal Powers". The story tells about the journalist Veronika, who left her job and left with her child to the village. But at some point she realizes that she is bored here, and asks her friend to find her a part-time job. The work was very fast, and Veronica goes to Moscow, leaving her son with her friends.

The girl joined the team well, she made friends with everyone. But her fate changed the case when the owner of the editorial board instructs Veronica to investigate the case of the death of the wife of a close acquaintance.

And it is from this moment the quiet life of Veronicaends. They often attack her, watch the young man, rob the apartment. And then Veronica begins to think about whether she should leave her career and not return to her beloved son back to the village.

Marina Cramer I'm not an angel

M. Kramer "I'm not an angel"

Marina Kramer created some other masterpieces? "I'm not an angel" from the series "The Story of a Strong Life" - one of the most successful of her detectives. The main character is the girl Varvara, who has everything in life. She is intelligent, beautiful, loving and happy. But Varvara herself is not capable of loving a person and can do nothing with herself. But not without reason, she became so heartless, for there is a reason. Just once, even in times of distant students, her heart was broken by a handsome man who repulsed her every desire to love a man.

A few years later this guy reappearsin the life of a girl, telling about her problems and her not very good past. But it does not happen by chance, since Varvara is investigating the case of a girl who does not let the former cavalier live peacefully.

Marina Kramer has written many books that havedifferent and fascinating stories. This writer of modern times has many fans who are eagerly waiting for the release of a new book and tremblingly rereading previous works. Marina can write beautifully, so that the spirit captures.

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