Mark Margolis: not in the first roles, but always necessary

Mark Margolis is a long-acting actor, he has more than a hundred roles. Such working capacity can only be envied. Of course, this actor can not be attributed to the galaxy of Hollywood stars, he is not so well known, but his name is already written in the history of cinema.

They know him, they talk about him, they offer him roles, they invite him to expensive television projects. There is no doubt that he is respected by colleagues, and directors are valued for their human qualities, hard work and talent. Here skeptics may ask a question about why they respect him so much, because he has not achieved anything significant, he has not received any awards. Yes, Marc Margolis is not a leading actor, he does not get the main roles, but this does not mean that he didn’t show himself in any way in his profession. This actor, apparently, does not aspire to great glory, I think, in his old age he has completely different values ​​in life. However,and on his long creative journey there are victories, albeit not so big, but still: Margolis was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Tio Salamanca in the television series Breaking Bad.

Mark Margolis

Many roles

Mark Margolis is a very productive actor who has been in films for more than forty years and is still in demand by producers. He outplayed many roles and always remained (and remains) on top. In what, in what, and in the frivolous, neglectful attitude to the work it cannot be accused in any way. Usually he got the role of hot-tempered men, convicted of power, who were either the true guardians of the law, or its malicious violators.

For the time being, he was an actor of one plan, but that all changed when he was noticed by director Darren Aranofsky, who offered him roles in his films. Thus, Margolis expanded his acting repertoire: he became a teacher of mathematics in the film “Pi” (1998), a manager in the film “The Restler” (2008), and an influential ballet fan in the film “The Black Swan” (2010). All these projects have received many awards and were noticed by critics who did not fail to praise the work of Mark Margolis.For many years the cinematographic press did not notice him, but after these roles his finest hour came, and today many of the censors of the cinema world call him one of the most characteristic actors of our time.

Mark Margolis Movies


Mark Margolis was born in Philadelphia on November 26, 1939 in a family of Jews who had left a turbulent Europe who had left Europe shortly before the Second World War. He studied at Temple University, then went to New York in the hope of becoming an actor. Here he was lucky to find his mentor in art Stella Adler. As Mark himself said, this woman taught him a lot in the acting profession. Apparently, it was she who turned his gaze towards the theater. At that time, Margolis took part in Broadway productions based on the works of Shakespeare. On account of the actor many works in avant-garde performances, he played more than fifty theatrical roles, performing on the stages of New York.

In 1976 he was invited to work in the cinema. To date, behind his back more than one dozen roles in various films, among which are very successful projects: "Scarface", "American Horror Story", "Breaking Bad" and others.

better call solu mark margolis

The ability to get used to the role

There is among the popular films and the project "Better call Saul." Mark Margolis played in it Tio Salamanca - an influential Mexican mafia-disabled. Speaking about his preparations for this role, the actor noted that he was closely studying the behavior of people with disabilities, many of whom lived with him in the neighborhood. One of the characteristic gestures of his hero, he invented, watching the elderly relative of his wife, who was confined to a wheelchair.

It is worth saying that Mark Margolis very carefully examines everything that can be connected with his characters. In the movie "American Horror Story" he was offered the role of one of the so-called Nazi hunters. The actor has studied in great detail the life of a real person, the most famous of them, Simon Wiesenthal, and learned a lot for his role. Mark Margolis called Wiesenthal and those who, like him, were engaged in the search for obsolete Nazis hiding from retaliation, "charming people with a specific mission."

Good wife Mark Margolis

Best of works

Mark Margolis, films with which participation and now have high popularity ratings among TV viewers,comparing his most famous works in the projects “Breaking Bad” and “American Horror Story”, he noted that they are completely different: different situations, scenery, light, absolutely different stories, heroes of different character.

Every year this tireless workaholic participates in several projects, despite his middle age, does not slow down the pace of work: many famous actors cannot boast of such creative employment. Most recently, he starred in another fairly successful film, The Good Wife. Mark Margolis was remarkable here, too, but it seems that this role cannot be included in his list of best works. However, the actor himself is certainly satisfied with the fact that even today his acting ability makes him call producers who are ready to offer him new and diverse roles.

It is hard to understand why such actors as Mark Margolis diligently remain in the shadow of their famous colleagues. Apparently, there is a certain philosophy in this, which can be understood only by having a close conversation with this amazing person. Today he is far beyond 70, but he is still in the ranks, and this can not fail to please his fans, of which a considerable number.

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Mark Margolis: not in the first roles, but always necessary 46

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