Materials and prices for wooden windows

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
February 28, 2017
Materials and prices for wooden windows

When choosing window technologies, our usual customer becomes a difficult question: What is more important, design or quality? The company "Cozy Home" offers the most optimal solutions in this plane. Our line includes stylish and reliable options that will satisfy the most demanding consumer. At the same time the prices for wooden windows will pleasantly surprise you.

"Cozy House" offers:

  • individual approach to each order, the ability to form the design of the product at the request of the client;
  • different options of double-glazed windows (with increased sound insulation, thermal insulation, strength and impact resistance);
  • wide range of colors;
  • production of structures of any complexity from rectangular to round and sliding;
  • professional installation and advice;
  • 5 years warranty for each window installed by our specialists.

Today, in the manufacture of wooden windows used different materials, which directly affects their value.Most often, pine, larch and oak are used for these purposes.

Pine windows

The least expensive of the above types of wood is pine. However, it has the same characteristics and advantages as oak with larch. The main reason for its lower cost is the wide distribution of wood in nature and relatively inexpensive processing. Its thermal characteristics and excellent performance are provided by the density of the wood.

Siberian larch windows

Larch wood in the price range of materials is in second place after the pine. Its natural noble shade and aesthetics are the most important and unique qualities. Precise annual layers, a distinct texture of the lines give the frames a special look even without the use of dyes. In addition, products made of this tree are stronger and more durable than pine products - they retain their original appearance 30% longer. Over time, the hardness of the material only increases due to the polymerization of the resins.

Oak windows

Oak materials - the traditional design of buildings in the European part of Russia, exclusive interior solutions.The unique texture and character of the pattern of annual rings, strength, resistance to external factors - their main advantages. In addition, neither time nor moisture will damage the oak windows. On the contrary, they make it even stronger.

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