Means against allergy Allergonics - reviews of doctors, price

Jul 12, 2018

Means against allergy Allergonics - reviews of doctors, pricePhoto: Anti-allergic remedy Allergonics

Nowadays, a large number of people suffer from various allergic reactions. Bad ecology, pollen bloom, household chemicals and many other factors affect the development of the disease.Means against allergy Allergonics will become a powerful assistant in the fight against the disease.This natural and safe preparation contains components of natural origin that do not adversely affect the body.

Most modern antihistamines include many different harmful chemicals, irritate the gastric mucosa, cause a lot of side effects. Natural natural remedy Allergonix is ​​a new step in the safe treatment of allergies. The drug does not cause any side effects, it can be used not only by adults, but also by children.

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Anti-allergy drug Allergonics - description of

Means against allergy Allergonics - a description of the drugPhoto: Allergy

The main advantage of the novelty is its natural composition, which does not have a detrimental effect on the bodym. The drug gently removes allergens from the body and blocks the development of an allergic reaction. Excellent cope with all manifestations of the disease and does not cause side effects.

Thanks to the naturalness of the product, it can be used for pregnant women. Before treatment, expectant mothers need to consult a specialist doctor. The product is well tolerated by the human body. All its components are quickly absorbed into the oral cavity and penetrate into tissues and blood. They cleanse the body of allergens. A month after the application of the remedy, a persistent long-term therapeutic effect is observed.

The product is manufactured by the manufacturer in droplets. It is very easy to use in the treatment of the disease at home. This novelty was developed by leading domestic manufacturers, which specialize in the production of natural safe drugs. The drug Allergonix:

The drug AllergonixPhoto: The drug Allergonics
  • includes only natural ingredients and does not contain harmful toxic substances;
  • is highly effective and quickly eliminates allergies;
  • has a clearing and restoring effect on the body;
  • can be used for both treatment and prevention.

These droplets, as evidenced by the testimonials of the anti-allergic drug Allergonix, and claimed by medical experts, have a rapid impact within the body and provide a lasting effect. Today every patient can afford to buy this inexpensive, high-quality product.

Novelty perfectly cleanses the body of harmful allergens, toxins and toxins. Quickly restores the work of all systems, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure and sugar. Applying drops, you will be able to forget forever about tearing, stuffy nose, dermatitis and rashes on the skin. The drug stabilizes the metabolism in the body and quickly removes allergens.


PropertiesDrops after ingestion are rapidly absorbed through the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and through the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. To achieve the best therapeutic effect with increased sensitivity, it is recommended not to swallow the medicine immediately, in order to improve absorption in the mouth.

After absorption, the active medicinal substances of the drug quickly bind to plasma proteins and are distributed throughout the body. The drug has antihistamine properties and blocks H1-receptors. This reduces the manifestation of symptoms in allergies and increases immunity to allergens. The Allergonix remedy eliminates all manifestations of allergy. Included in its composition extracts suppresses tear, cough, sneezing.

Plants that are included in the composition have a general strengthening and immunostimulating effect. The therapeutic effect is observed very quickly - after 5-10 minutes after administration. In the body, the largest concentration of active substances is observed after 2 hours. A stable curative effect is manifested on the 5th day of the course. The period of excretion from the body is about 8 to 10 hours.80% of the drug is excreted by the kidneys, 10% is metabolized in the liver.

The natural components of the formulation have a moderate cumulative effect, which provides a prolonged effect.

Composition Allergonics

Composition AllergonixPhoto: Composition Allergonics

Unique drops contain such natural components:

  • useful substances of brine shrimp;
  • inflorescences and violet leaflets;
  • yarrow;
  • tansy;
  • marjoram;
  • cranberries;
  • clover;
  • St. John's wort;
  • mulberry;
  • immortelle;
  • chitosan oil;
  • stone oil;
  • badger fat;
  • roots of burdock, mallow, cyanosis, dandelion, horsetail, licorice, elecampane;
  • beaver musk;
  • fruit of agaric;
  • chaga;
  • walnut partition;
  • birch bark;
  • larch.
Ingredients in the AllergonixPhoto: ingredients in Allergonics

All of the above ingredients in the formulation have a cleansing, anti-inflammatory effect. Stabilize the work of the circulatory system, quickly eliminate allergic rhinitis, sneezing, nasal congestion, allergic cough, skin rashes, swelling. Since ancient times, the components of the composition have been used in many ancient recipes of folk and Chinese medicine to effectively purify the body of toxins.

The drug begins to act within the body within a few minutes after taking. It eliminates itching, burning, rashes on the skin and gently regenerates the skin. In this case, plant components saturate the human body with the necessary useful bioflavonoids, acids, vitamins and trace elements. The use of drops favorably affects the activity of the body. The drug normalizes the disturbed metabolism and in a short time eliminates allergy.

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Results of the research

Research resultsAllergonics is recognized in 2016 as the best drug for allergies. Drops can be used for all kinds of allergic reactions. The high efficacy of this drug has been repeatedly proven clinically. Domestic producers have created a natural safe remedy, which in 96% of cases completely eliminates allergy of all kinds - food, medicine, pollen, pet hair.

More than 1,000 volunteers participated in the research and testing of the new development. After a few days of therapy with drops, allergy symptoms in humans completely disappeared. The effectiveness of this drug is due to its natural medicinal components and is confirmed by quality certificates. The drug is approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Instruction for use

Instructions for useThe drug is available in 10 ml vials. A convenient lid-dropper makes it very easy to use the tool. A detailed instruction for use from the manufacturer is attached to each medicine package.

The product should be taken 2 drops( drop under the tongue).It is necessary to allow the drops to be absorbed into the mucous membrane. Then the drops are washed with water.

The drug is taken 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 1 month. During this time, metabolism is completely normalized, the work of the cardiovascular and circulatory system is restored.

The body is cleansed of harmful toxins, toxins and allergens. In the course of treatment, an allergy occurs, her symptoms are eliminated. The action of drops is aimed at the rapid disposal of the allergic reaction and recovery.

What doctors say

What do the doctorA large number of doctors recommend drinking the drug as an effective medicine, as well as to prevent allergies. For prophylaxis, the Allergonix remedy should be started approximately 14 days before the supposed contact with the irritant-allergen.

Undoubtedly, if this contact can be predicted in advance. It is advisable to drink drops during the off-season - in the spring, in the autumn.

Drops for prevention should be drunk 2 times a day - after waking up or before going to bed in a dosage of 2 drops in pure form. You can drop the drug on a piece of sugar. Preventative course - 1 month.

When it is impossible to predict in advance the contact with the irritant-allergen, Allergonix "is recommended to apply therapeutic courses 3 months 2 times a year. Dose - 2 drops of medication 1 time a day before bedtime.

In the treatment of allergies to pollen, household dust and other allergens, the remedy is taken at a dosage of 4 drops under the tongue once. Further the preparation is required to drink 3 drops 3 times a day. The course of treatment is not more than 3 months.

When H1 receptors are activated, it is required to use the drug by 6 starting with six drops in one session. Such an allergic reaction is manifested by severe swelling, itching, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing.

IndicationsPrevention of allergies

  • prevention of allergy in the off-season;
  • allergic rash;
  • dermatitis;
  • treatment of allergies of any kind.

This product is approved for use in children and pregnant women. Natural natural components do not have a negative effect on the human body, do not destroy the mucous membrane of the stomach and oral cavity. Naturalness of natural components allows us to safely apply drops of long courses.


Due to its natural composition, droplets do not cause side effects and have virtually no contraindications.

Do not use the medicine for individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Price in pharmacies and where to buy Allergoniks

Price and buy AlergonixBuy a novelty should not be in the pharmacy chain. This method is fraught with the purchase of a fake, or you can buy the drug at a very inflated price. It is better to arrange the purchase of funds on the official website of the manufacturer. This guarantees the acquisition of an original natural and effective remedy.

Allergonics in the pharmacy can be purchased at a very inflated price, so it's better to arrange its purchase on the official website of the manufacturer. Make an order on the Internet resource is very simple and easy - you need to fill out the application form for the goods.

After a while the manager of the company will contact you and specify details of the order and delivery of production. By purchasing a drug in this way, you can take part in the current action and buy drops of Allergonix with a significant beneficial discount. This will save money. There are profitable actions on the site, which allow buying a drug with a good discount.

PricePrice Allergonix, on average, is 1300 rubles, but on the official website the cost is much cheaper - 990 rubles.

Poor ecology and the widespread distribution of food colorings in food products now multiply the number of allergy patients. People with allergies suffer in a certain period, while others are forced to eat diet or avoid contact with a pet.

New development - natural and safe drops Allergonics help to circumvent the limitations of the disease. The drug effectively fights with various types of allergies. The product quickly removes harmful allergens and toxins, - substances that provoke an attack. The use of the drug Allergonix prevents the complication of an allergic reaction.

A sick person no longer has to constantly take chemical pills all the time - natural and safe drops guarantee a quick recovery. The drug can be used for preventive purposes for 3 months.

Once you start taking this effective medicine to fight allergies, improving your overall well-being will not keep you waiting long. One can not ignore the allergic reaction and threatening symptoms. Progression of the disease can greatly harm the body. The accumulation of allergens will increase the symptoms and discomfort, and, therefore, take more time to fight the disease. Do not delay with the prevention and treatment of allergies.

Buy Allergonomics from an allergy on the official website of

Feedback on the application of

Review No. 1

I could not think what happens, the so-called vegetable allergic reaction. Now I already know what it is, with age, an allergy to ragweed developed. It is very much in our yard. The plant begins to bloom in late summer.

And then I have itchy red spots on my knees and elbows. In the throat begins to perspire, and the eyes are very watery. It's just a nightmare! Now that pollen is in the air, I take drops of Allergonix. An excellent drug that supports my health.

I take the remedy every time the symptoms of an ailment begin. I immediately feel the manifestation of the disease. Drops perfectly block the effect of irritants-allergens. The taste of the medicine is very pleasant, not disgusting. I like that the composition is absolutely not dangerous and without harm. Now I am at peace with ragweed bloom.

Valentina, 56 years - Moscow

Review №2

My wife often has an allergy. None of the doctors can really establish the reasons why it appears. My wife was repeatedly examined in clinics, consulted with different doctors. Allergoproby did not give a diagnostic result.

Various antihistamines were prescribed, but the wife was tired of taking solid chemistry. It does not make it any easier. A familiar doctor advised her to buy a more natural and safe medicine - Allergonics. She began to drink these drops. We have been looking for them for a very long time. Found only on the official website.

Quite acceptable cost of the medicine. The drug can be drunk in combination with another prescribed therapy. My wife has already completed one course. I noticed a significant improvement in health. While she had an allergic reaction, she did not have a month. Now let's see how the drops will proceed.

Victor, 37 years - Novosibirsk

Review №3

Very good remedy for allergies to pet hair. My friend and I rented an apartment and picked up a homeless kitten. At me the allergy unexpectedly has begun - rashes have appeared, to sneeze strongly became, tears of eyes.

I bought drops of Allergonix and I did not have to part with my beloved cat. I have been drinking them for three months, the rash and sneezing have passed. Tear disappeared. Completely passed the symptoms of an allergic reaction to the animal's coat. A good effective drug.

Svetlana, 23 years old - Astana, Kazakhstan

Reference No.4

Often suffered before an allergy to pollen of plants. I was terribly worried. I took a variety of antihistamines, bought them in a pharmacy. They helped only for a while. In desperation decided to buy online on the official website of the drop Allergonix - saw their advertising on the Web.

I read the positive feedback from the doctors and decided to try treatment with this remedy. The result did not take long. Catarrh, cough, red itchy spots. I became healthy. Now I do not depend on the flowering of plants on the street. Excellent drops, act quickly.

Alexander, 56 years - Odessa, Ukraine

Review №5

I have been treating allergy periodically. More than once I gave allergens. They really did not reveal anything. Like, the allergy is on my plants. I accepted various means. Recently I bought the Allergonix remedy.

Excellent harmless drug. I really liked his quick action and lasting effect. It alleviates allergy symptoms. The allergic rhinitis has disappeared, there were rashes on a skin. I feel fine, I forgot about the disease. I recommend that allergy sufferers try treatment with drops of Allergonix.

Vladimir, 44 years - Voronezh

Review №6

Our little son was allergic to food. The doctor wrote out to smear rashes with ointment and drink natural harmless drops Allergonix. The kid had a good treatment with the drug.

He's only 2 years old. We were very worried about how his fragile organism would take medicines. The ointment was smeared with small strokes once a day and drank the drops bought on the Internet. Very good, I must say. Purify the body from the inside, displays allergens.

Natural composition is completely safe for young children. The drug does not cause any side effects and is very long. You can give it to drink a small child. The allergy of the son passed very quickly.

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