Means "Boric acid" in the ear with pain

every person has experienced at least once in his life. Everyone remembers how agonizing it causes. If an adult can somehow overcome the pain, then the children are unable to cope with it. They begin to cry and even scream from painful sensations.boric acid in the earTraditionally, Boric Acid comes to the rescue. In the patient's ear is placed a cotton bundle soaked in drug. Or inject a few drops from the pipette. How justified is this remedy? Why is the drug "Boric acid"? Here are the main questions that every sick person asks himself, probably.

Why do ears hurt?

The main cause of ear disease is inflammation. They can appear on the background of diseases of acute respiratory infections, runny nose, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis. Children have ear diseases more often than adults, due to the nature of the hearing and smell. The canal connecting the throat and ear is shorter and wider than in adults.As a result, the infection is easier for him to "climb." Means "Boric acid" in the ear can stop the spread of infection at the very beginning of its occurrence. But if the disease is delayed, the treatment with the considered drug may be useless and even harmful.

Ear disease treatment

When a person is faced with the problem of pain in the ear, he has a main goal - as soon as possible to remove these feelings. Means "Boric acid", dripped into the ear, mainly solves this particular problem. boric acid for earsHowever, it should be remembered that it is necessary not only to stop the pain for a while, but also to cure the disease to the end. Otherwise, it can easily become chronic, which will require more serious and prolonged treatment. Today, there are many ways to provide first aid in case of pain in the ear. Methods of treatment of diseases of upper respiratory tract, there are also many. Someone from the patients immediately see a doctor and uses only his recommendations. Another category of patients for the treatment of diseases resorts to the advice of friends. There are people who must use folk remedies for healing.But any chosen path will still lead the sick person to the pharmacy.

The drug "Boric acid"

A patient who has come to a pharmacy may be advised to purchase exactly the means indicated by us for ear treatment. After all, this medicine has been tested by time - it was used by our mothers, grandmothers and people of the older generation. The drug "Boric acid" in the ear is prescribed for treatment by some doctors and in our days. However, there are doctors who advise you to think very well before using this "harmless" means to get rid of diseases.

The history of the drug

The term of use of the considered means in medical practice has more than 100 years. French chemist Jean-Baptiste Dumas discovered a substance that possessed antiseptic properties and at the same time did not stain clothes, had no unpleasant odors, had no taste. Only due to these properties, the drug "Boric acid" began to displace the means of "hydrogen peroxide", "Karbolka", "Potassium permanganate" from home first-aid kits. Later it turned out that such a replacement of antiseptics was not entirely justified. For example, in modern medical textbooks it is written that the antimicrobial effect of “Boric acid” is very low.It is proved that antiseptics existed in those days, surpassing the considered agent in this indicator by 20 and even 400 times.

Drug release form

Patients using the drug for treatment often wonder: what is the difference between the Boric Acid agent and the alcohol? This is a very important issue, and their differences must be considered. Means "Boric acid" is a friable white substance, odorless. In appearance, it resembles light scales. The substance is poorly soluble in water. An aqueous solution is prepared at home immediately before use.boric alcohol otitisMeans "Boric alcohol" is a liquid, which is a solution. In this case, the solvent is 70% ethyl alcohol. The drug is sold in pharmacies in ready to use form. Used as a treatment for wounds, elimination of pain in the ears.

Terms of use of drugs

Means "Boric alcohol" for otitis is best used in a heated form - it reduces the discomfort arising during the procedure.boric alcohol otitisYou can heat the entire vial where the drug Boric Alcohol is stored.To do this, lower the bottle for a few seconds in hot water. If the medicine is poured into a metal spoon, then it can be heated over a fire. The temperature of the solution should correspond to the normal temperature parameters of the human body. The drug is injected into the ear canal most often in two ways - drops (not always recommended) and with the help of cotton flagella soaked in “Boric alcohol”.

Effect of Boric Acid

What does the drug "Boric acid" for the ears of patients? First, the tool helps to quickly get rid of the pain, as it warms up well. Secondly, the drug "Boric alcohol" has an antimicrobial effect. When using the considered agent, it is necessary to observe the main condition - do not overdo it, because if you carelessly handle, you can easily cause a burn. The introduction of the drug "Boric alcohol" in the ear drops is recommended to be extremely rare. Some doctors do not recommend using this method of drug administration at all. But if the patient still decided to put the Boric Alcohol product in the ear, then it is best to do it lying down. The patient is laid on its side.In the ear canal enter 1-2 drops of "boric alcohol". In this position, the patient remains lying for 5-10 minutes. Then the patient turns to the other side, and the procedure is repeated. If one ear hurts, it is recommended to treat the second auditory canal too. It is important!boric acid in the earThe introduction of the drug using a cotton cord - a more gentle way, but no less effective. Cotton wool soaked in Boric Alcohol may remain in the ear throughout the night. The warming effect will have a greater impact.

Precautionary measures

However, it must also be remembered that it is not always allowed to warm a sore ear, and sometimes it is simply contraindicated. Only a doctor can prescribe treatment after an accurate diagnosis is made. The specialist may recommend other drops for treatment. The drug "Boric alcohol" can only be a supplement to the treatment being carried out, in which case it is not more important than the other medication. The effect of Boric Alcohol will be more effective if, before the procedure of using it, the ears are cleaned with ear sticks and a 3% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Contraindications and possible complications

For some time now, doctors began to prescribe the drug Boric Acid to patients with caution. The reason for this was revealed by scientists negative aspects of the drug. One of them is high toxicity. The drug "Boric acid" is used only externally. For internal use, the drug is completely contraindicated. Do not prescribe this medication to pregnant and lactating women. Some doctors are categorically opposed to the use of the considered drug for the treatment of children. boric acid for earsIf a patient has a damaged eardrum, then the “Boric alcohol” preparation cannot be used either. The patient will not be able to independently determine its integrity, therefore, in this case, a visit to the doctor is necessary, and a correct diagnosis will help to avoid errors in treatment. The occurrence of an allergic reaction when using boric acid is a permissible phenomenon. It should immediately stop its use and inform your doctor. Consultation specialist - the main condition that must be met before using even such a "harmless" means, as the drug "Boric acid".

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