Melon dishes. Original recipes and cooking secrets

Most people believe that melon is a product that you need to eat just like that, without pre-treatment and preparation. Did anyone think about what melon dishes can be cooked?

Benefit for every taste

Scientists attribute melon to melon crops. But, in fact, it is something between fruits, berries and vegetables. This outwardly unattractive product has a pleasant aroma and a unique delicate flavor. Even in ancient times, people paid attention to its useful properties, and nowadays scientists have concluded that melon is a real natural storeroom. Despite its reduced calorie content, it is able to normalize the blood condition, strengthen the hair, improve the functioning of the kidneys, heart and liver, and also remove toxins and harmful toxins from the body. Women use this product as a means to control their weight and maintain their shape in good condition.Doctors recommend safely include it in a variety of diets. Perhaps this is the main reason that melon dishes are quite numerous and varied. From it you can make almost everything: salads, desserts, jams and jams, cold snacks, hot dishes, drinks, sauces and unusual soups. It is interesting that even melts are made from the melon for the winter.

melon dishes

Unusual combinations

You can see that all the melon dishes look somehow unusual. Firstly, they are often quite brightly decorated. And secondly, they include such products that are practically never used together in everyday life. But the result is an excellent result. Take, for example, a melon snack with the famous Parma ham. To cook such a dish, you only need melon (of any size) and the ham itself.

A simple treat is prepared very simply:

  1. To start, you must rinse the melon, cut it in half with a knife, remove the seeds and peel. From the pulp using a special device to cut the balls or simply chop it into cubes of medium size.
  2. Ham cut into thin slices and wrap them in melon slices.
  3. Arrange the blanks on a wide plate and decorate with greens. Usually, arugula is used for this option, sprinkled with lightly olive oil, lime juice and sprinkled with pepper and salt.

Such melon dishes are cold appetizers of famous Italian cuisine.

Sweet canning

Melon jam is one of the varieties of numerous desserts. Among other things, it is also a way to prepare a unique and useful product for the winter. And in order to expand the assortment list, in addition to the main components in the cooking process, apples, bananas, watermelon, lemons, oranges and even vodka are added to the mixture. So, we offer you one of the many options. Cooking can be done in different ways. One of them can be considered on a specific example. The following initial components will be needed: for 1 kilogram of melon pulp 0.5 kilograms of sugar and apples, as well as a teaspoon of pre-grated lemon zest.

melon jam

Start cooking:

  1. Grind melons with mashed potatoes using a blender.
  2. Place the product in a basin (or pan), add sugar and cook on the smallest fire until the sweet mixture as a result becomes similar to fresh honey. During cooking, you must not forget all the time to remove the foam.
  3. Peel apples and peel, cut into arbitrary cubes and send to the pelvis with the main product. It is necessary to wait until the mass boils.
  4. Add zest, boil for another 5 minutes and can be laid out on the banks.

Instead of apples in this recipe, you can use a variety of fruits. For example, pears. And for a more pronounced savory taste at the end of cooking, you can add cinnamon and crushed mint leaves.

Refreshing pleasure

It is worth noting that it is very easy to make some interesting dish of melon. It can even a child. Take, for example, a melon-lemon smoothie. The main components are already listed in the title. For the preparation you will need 0.5 kilograms of melon pulp, 1 lemon and 0.1 kilogram of sugar.

Prepare the dish as follows:

  1. For a start, you must slice the melon into cubes, and squeeze the juice out of the lemon.
  2. In a blender, add all the ingredients in the recipe and beat well until a stable homogeneous mass is formed.

what to make from melon

After that, smoothies can be poured into glasses and drink with pleasure. It is worth noting that the drink will be noticeably tastier if the melon is selected correctly. It should be as ripe, tender and fragrant as possible.Lemon, in turn, gives the drink a piquancy and allows you to quench your thirst well. This saves many men at the beginning of the work week after a hectic weekend. Nothing restores lost strength like a glass of fragrant freshly prepared smoothie.

Recipes for the little ones

Many people like frozen food as a dessert. And the children are delighted with them. These dishes with confidence can be attributed sorbet or, as it is also called, sherbet. It occupies a worthy place in the cooking section “Melon Recipes”. In principle, the sorbet is a frozen sweet water, which is added to the flavor of fruit puree or juice. If the dish is intended for adults, you can add liquor or wine. For the preparation of the simplest version of the sorbet, you need a melon of medium size, as well as the juice of half a lemon (or lime) and 100 grams of sugar.

melon recipes

Cooking should be in 3 stages:

  1. Preparation of products. The melon should be peeled and seeds, and then cut into cubes. From citrus squeeze juice.
  2. Put the products in a blender and beat well. Pour the puree into a clean container, cover and place in the freezer for a couple of hours.
  3. After the time the product to get and again beat in a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture is placed in a container and put in the freezer already at night.

The next day, put a frozen mashed potatoes in a bowl in a bowl or a dessert plate with a special spoon. You can decorate the treat with mint leaves or other fragrant greens.

Frozen treat

If you look through cooking aids and pay attention to the melon dishes, the recipe for the soup will immediately be evident. Of course, because the basic generally accepted norms are a bit violated in it. Most people believe that soup is a liquid dish made by boiling its ingredients. In this case, it is a sweet, fragrant mixture. To make such an unusual "first" one will need 1 small melon, 0.5 liters of champagne, a glass of peach juice, pumpkin seeds and a few mint leaves.

melon dishes recipe

Cook soup can be as follows:

  1. Pulp melon cut into small pieces and load them into a blender. Send juice and champagne there.
  2. Mix the product mixture into a homogeneous mass, resembling sour cream.
  3. Mass pour into a free container and send briefly in the refrigerator.
  4. Pour the cooled mixture into a plate and decorate with greens and seeds.

For greater effect, instead of the usual dish, you can use another melon. And for this it is necessary to cut it in half and free each part from the core and seeds with the help of an ordinary tablespoon.

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